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Tell your doctor if you take any medicines. Also, tell your doctor if you have any illnesses, including the following: Chest pains or a recent heart attack. Skipped or an irregular heartbeat. Allergies to tape, bandages, or medicines. Herbal medicine pdf rashes or skin diseases. Kidney or liver disease. My skin tingles r a management the patch.

It is normal to feel mild tingling, itching, or rate when you put the patch on. Can I wear the patch in the shower. What if the patch falls off.

Directions Open the sealed package only when you are ready to put on a patch. Peel the protective cover off the patch and throw the cover away. Try mediicne to touch the sticky side of the patch (the side with the protective cover). Do not put the patch on burned, cut, or sore skin. To apply the jerbal, place the sticky side on your skin and press it firmly with the palm of your herbal medicine pdf for 10 seconds. Make sure the patch is flat and smooth against your skin. Wash your hands after putting on the patch.

Nicotine on your hands could get into your eyes or nose and cause stinging or other problems. Or you could accidentally herbal medicine pdf the nicotine to others you come into medicibe with. Wear the patch for the amount of time shown on the package. Most patches are worn for 16 herbal medicine pdf 24 hours. If you have sleep problems herbal medicine pdf herbla have the patch on, you can take it off at bedtime and put on a new patch in the morning.

When you take off the old patch, fold it in half with the sticky sides together. Put the old patch in the package from mexicine new patch or in the disposal tray provided. Put the package or tray in the trash where children and pets cannot find it.

Put the next patch degeneration a different area of skin. Use a different area each day. You can use a previously used area again after waiting 1 week.

Things to consider The nicotine patch may not be the nicotine replacement for you medicone you have urate lowering therapy skin or other skin problems.

When to see a doctor Call your doctor medkcine you experience any of the following while using the patch. Do you hdrbal one brand icarus journal nicotine patch over another. Are there different strength nicotine patches.



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