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Poop door does jtube completely fold away. Urine diverter is extremely hard jjtube clean scale off, as its inside a sealed compartment jtube only a few small holes for world economic journal. Women will have to pee jtube before opening door to poop, have fun doing that.

Jtube they are jtube and door is opened a small amount of pee will drip into bucket as girls cant control what direction their urine goes and jtube up the jtube system.

Poop dirt will become too damp. Fan just isnt powerful enough. Poop does does not dry out. Anytime you take a shower your bathroom gets filled with humid stinky poop jtube. I also spend much more on toilet paper as this thing always requires wiping jtube after every use, even though you cant get jtube most of the areas that really jtkbe the cleaning.

Bowl is far jtube small. This is damaging to relationships. I am way to intimate with jtube my own and jtube partners waste now. Even after 6 months I am not acustomed to this yet. Maybe jtube it actually worked. You argue about who will take out the pee, or at the very least it jtube one more chore that needs to be delegated. You will be resentful for them using it and filling it jtune.

You will be embarrassed about the mess. You will lose attraction to your partner after jtube at and smelling their feces every day. I wish I had bought the C-Head for half the price. I am going back to my 5 gallon bucket and composting according to The Humanure Handbook, by Joseph Jenkins. It is jtube much easier to empty and clean. My compost is beautiful. Our local university teaches a class in soil microbiology and the teacher of the course looked at our compost under the microscope.

It was pronounced pathogen-free and full of good bacteria. It would be lovely, thought I, to simplify life, to make this small guest house more user-friendly. If someone had come jfube with an elegant solution I wanted to try it. Problems: overflow of urine container, a mess. Time to empty jtube, very tricky. User ended up scooping it out with a trowel, another mess. Then our jtube year old son was staying in the jtube during Christmas.

More problems: urine diversion not working properly even though he followed directions. Jtube container getting too jtube with urine tests the design for urine collection not able to handle a strong stream and quantity. Smelly, with so much urine mixed into jtube.



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