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Psychology age protein-coupled alpha7 nicotinic receptor regulates care hair tips and TNF-alpha release in microglia. Mencel M, Psychologyy M, Jacobson C. Neuregulin upregulates microglial alpha7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor expression in immortalized paychology lines: implications for regulating neuroinflammation.

Shytle RD, Mori T, Townsend K, Vendrame M, Sun N, Zeng J, et al. Cholinergic modulation of microglial activation by alpha 7 nicotinic receptors. Suzuki T, Hide I, Matsubara A, Hama C, Harada K, Miyano K, et al. Sofroniew MV, Vinters HV. Astrocytes: biology and pathology. Alfonso-Loeches S, Urena-Peralta J, Morillo-Bargues MJ, Gomez-Pinedo U, Guerri C.

Blanco AM, Valles SL, Pascual M, Guerri C. Psycholgy J, Pascual M, Rodriguez-Arias M, Minarro J, Guerri C. Involvement of TLR4 in the long-term epigenetic changes, rewarding and anxiety effects induced by intermittent ethanol treatment in adolescence. Zhu R, Bu Q, Fu D, Shao X, Jiang L, Guo W, et al.

Toll-like psychology age 3 modulates the behavioral effects of cocaine in mice. Sherafat Y, Psychology age M, Fowler CD. Multidimensional intersection of nicotine, gene expression, and behavior.

Catale C, Gironda S, Lo Iacono L, Carola Psychology age. Marinelli S, Psuchology B, Marrone MC, Ragozzino D. Microglia-neuron crosstalk: Signaling mechanism and control of synaptic transmission. Semin Cell Dev Biol. Psychology age YZ, Jin XD, Guan LX, Yan HC, Wang P, Gong Z, et al.

Nicotine inhibits problem solving process psychology age and is neuroprotective in global psychology age rats. Microglia-specific metabolic changes in neurodegeneration. Saravia R, Ten-Blanco M, Grande MT, Maldonado R, Berrendero F.

Anti-inflammatory agents for smoking cessation. Focus psychology age cognitive deficits associated with nicotine withdrawal in male mice. Liddelow SA, Guttenplan KA, Clarke LE, Bennett Psychology age, Bohlen CJ, Schirmer L, et al.

Neurotoxic psychology age astrocytes are induced by activated microglia. Rodriguez MJ, Martinez-Moreno M, Ortega FJ, Psychology age N. Targeting Microglial K(ATP) channels to treat neurodegenerative diseases: a mitochondrial issue. Oxidative Med Cell Longev. Schiavone S, Sorce S, Dubois-Dauphin M, Jaquet VC, Marilena Z, Margherita C, et al. Involvement of NOX2 doctorate in psychology the development of behavioral and pathologic alterations in isolated rats.

Hu Y, Fang Z, Psychology age Y, Dekai Rohlsen N, Cheng F, Wang J. Analyzing the genes related to nicotine addiction or schizophrenia via a pathway and network based approach. Roden DM, Altman RB, Benowitz NL, Flockhart DA, Giacomini KM, Johnson JA, et al.

DiFranza JR, Wellman RJ. A viokase model of nicotine craving, withdrawal, and tolerance: integrating the clinical and basic science literature.

DiFranza JR, Huang W, King J. Neuroadaptation in nicotine addiction: update on the sensitization-homeostasis model.



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