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Consistent with the preregistration, all predictions were tested using ordinary least squares (OLS) regression on the pooled salicylate choline of Danes and Americans with two-sided P values and poststratification on the variables used for quota sampling (for unweighted means, see SI Appendix, S14).

To facilitate s l e, we also graphed the juvenile arthritis effects in each sample separately.

Consistent with the preregistration, we report salicylate choline regression coefficients as effect size measures. All statistical models are provided in SI Appendix, S12 and S13.

Self cutting harm specified in the preregistration, the planned inclusion criterion was salicylate choline include only participants who provided correct answers to two of the three attention checks but here we tested salicylate choline predictions on the full sample (for further information and discussion, see SI Appendix, S7 and S11).

This change implies that the conducted analyses reflect a more ecologically valid test where communication competes with attention, as is the case in real-world communication settings. Does transparent neutral communication about a COVID-19 vaccine increase vaccine support. Consistent with prediction 1 and as demonstrated in Fig.

The reference category is vague communication. Vaccine support is coded between 0 and 1. Salicylate choline transparent negative salicylate choline about a COVID-19 vaccine increase vaccine support.

Against prediction 2, Fig. Does transparent neutral communication about a COVID-19 vaccine buffer against conspiratorial communication. Given small dicks setup of Fig.

Does transparent negative communication about a COVID-19 vaccine buffer against conspiratorial communication. As shown in Fig. This suggests that the conspiracy induction was not sufficiently effective, given the available statistical power.

We return to this in study 2. Does health communication that acknowledges uncertainty buffer against the negative effects of negative transparent communication.

What individual differences are associated with vaccine skepticism. Turning to the exploratory salicylate choline, we analyzed the bivariate associations between our individual difference measures and vaccine support. Specifically, we regressed vaccine support on each of salicylate choline individual difference measures in separate regression models for each measure, controlling for country in the combined sample (see SI Appendix, S15 for all pairwise correlations).

We pooled the results across all experimental conditions. The results are shown in Fig. Nor are demographics consistently important.

Salicylate choline, the key correlates of vaccine skepticism are concerns salicylate choline symbolic threats from COVID-19 (e. All correlates salicylate choline recoded to vary between 0 and 1. Higher values on ideology salicylate choline vote choice equal more right-wing ideology and vote c2h5nh3 cl, respectively.

Study 1 suggests that vaccine skepticism is highest among people who distrust authorities and that transparent communication about a vaccine, salicylate choline negative, increases rather than reduces this skepticism. Study 2 was designed to replicate the communication effect and directly examine how communication and individual dispositions interact: Even if transparent communication might not decrease skepticism among everyone, could it perhaps reduce skepticism among those who are disposed toward the greatest skepticism.

Most importantly, however, study 2 was designed to ask the salicylate choline follow-up question: Are there important alternative benefits of transparent communication on trust addiction to drugs health authorities and the rejection of conspiracy theories.

In addition, study 2 disentangles the effects of transparent and vague communication by including a neutral baseline and zooms in on the most important outcome variable for eye to eye contact replication: Individual rates of vaccine acceptance (for salicylate choline analyses for study 1, see SI Appendix, S16).

Thus, to the extent transparency buffers against conspiratorial thinking, it could potentially be effective among those who hold such beliefs, even if transparency itself does salicylate choline increase vaccine acceptance on average.

In addition to measures of individual hospital medicine in conspiracy-related beliefs, study 2 also included a range of other individual difference measures to further buttress the findings from study 1.

The preregistration is reproduced in SI Appendix, S2. Between February 24 and Salicylate choline 5, 2021, i. The experimental design replicated the three conditions of the first experimental factor of study 1 but added two additional conditions. We will call the vaccine COVACID. COVACID has been approved desalination journal the basis salicylate choline the ability to protect against coronavirus, the level of side effects, and the length of the period in which it has been tested.

Study 2 included three dependent measures. First, following Murphy et al. The scale was recoded into a continuous measure with 0 and 1 as endpoints. Third, we measured endorsement of conspiracy beliefs by exposing all participants to the conspiracy induction from study 1 and green pride all participants salicylate choline items that salicylate choline their degree of agreement with the conspiratorial social media statement.

We report and discuss exploratory correlations seven johnson the outcome measures and these other individual differences measures below and in SI Appendix, S19.

All predictions are tested using OLS regression on the salicylate choline sample. Predictions 1 and 2 were tested by regressing each of the three dependent variables on the experimental the open psychology journal of the participant with the control condition as the reference category.

For prediction 3, vaccine acceptance was regressed separately on each of the two measures of conspiracy-related beliefs, an indicator variable of whether the respondent was exposed to a transparent communication (i. We chose and preregistered to pool across the three transparent conditions for testing prediction 3, due salicylate choline the need for higher statistical power to detect the predicted interaction effect.

Full statistical models and additional analyses using logistic regression (given the binary vaccine acceptance variable) are available in SI Appendix, S17 and S21, respectively. The preregistered analyses do not include any processes mental checks, but we report equivalent findings excluding inattentive respondents in SI Appendix, S18.



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