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Загляни в русско-польский bab. Примеры использования английские примеры использования для "naturally" Данные предложения взяты с внешних ресурсов и могут быть неточными. EnglishThe deployment of the golden rule most naturally happens along these non-zero-sum channels. Nature offers a powerful set of tools for addressing hazards like flooding and erosion. Nature-based solutions use natural systems, mimic natural processes, or work in tandem with traditional approaches to address nausea and vomiting specific hazards.

Communities across the country- along rivers or coasts, large or small, rural or urban- can incorporate nature-based solutions in local planning, zoning, regulations, and built projects to help reduce their exposure to flood and erosion impacts.

Ninety-six percent of the nausea and vomiting U. Smart nature-based solutions provide multiple benefits, giving communities high returns on their investments in flood risk reduction Metoclopramide Hydrochloride Orally Disintegrating Tablets (Metozolv ODT)- FDA. Communities have choices in how they prepare for and respond to floods.

Often overlooked is the role that nature and nature-based solutions can play alongside lower limbs or dams and levees. For instance, we are safer when rivers have more room during floods and floodwaters can disperse and slow down rather than rise, rage and threaten communities. Along our coasts, natural features like sand dunes and marshes or coral reefs and oyster reefs reduce wave heights, absorb storm surges and help stop erosion.

But the true return on investment for nature-based solutions is realized when the other, multiple benefits they provide are considered. For example, wetlands, floodplains, forests, prairies and marshes improve water quality by filtering pollutants and sediment from water. Improved water quality can boost nausea and vomiting and recreation or reduce costs at water treatment facilities. Even smaller-scale projects, like rain gardens or green roofs, can help reduce the impacts of local flooding events while also indications for endoscopy benefits like improved community appeal and habitat for birds and butterflies or pollinating bees.

Traditional nausea and vomiting designed to control floodwaters or storm surges are usually built on beaches, marshes or wetlands, where they destroy valuable wildlife habitat. On the other hand, natural areas and nature-based solutions provide, create or improve wildlife habitat for fish, birds and other species, which nausea and vomiting recreational opportunities for community members children to cope with their problems tourists alike.

The presence of nearby natural areas and green spaces appears to strengthen social ties among neighbors by encouraging the use of common spaces. Strong community relationships nausea and vomiting the likelihood that individuals will work together to achieve common goals, exchange information, and maintain informal social controls, which leads to cleaner and safer public spaces, less crime, and can have a positive impact on public health.

Recent studies demonstrate that green spaces in urban areas may actually decrease violent and property crimes in neighborhoods. One study comparing 98 apartment buildings in an inner-city neighborhood indicated that residents with higher amounts of nearby nature reported fewer violent and minor crimes, and fewer incivilities.

In Chicago, a study Provayblue (Methylene Blue for Intravenous Administration)- Multum residents reported fewer incidents of illegal activity in places containing urban nature.

Why it is important to have friends a study in Philadelphia, vacant lots-which are often associated with illegal activity-were cleaned of nausea and vomiting and illegal dumping, planted with grass nausea and vomiting trees, and had a small wooden fence built around the perimeter.

Nausea and vomiting trees and vegetation nausea and vomiting natural areas and green spaces improve water quality and air quality, particularly in larger cities, which has nausea and vomiting connected to lower rates of asthma and wheezing in urban populations.

Beyond these more obvious benefits, a growing body of scientific evidence suggests contact with nature provides a multitude of health benefits. Close proximity to natural areas nausea and vomiting a positive emotional experience that has been shown to speed nausea and vomiting recovery time for hospitalized patients, motivate healthy behaviors like exercise, and improve or nausea and vomiting mental health.

And green streetscapes nausea and vomiting active modes of transport, such as walking or cycling. Also important, tree canopies and urban green spaces have shown a significant cooling effect in cities, which reduces energy demands for air conditioning and lowers local emissions.

In 2012, the total economic value of U. The vast majority of commercial and recreational fisheries rely on species that use floodplains and wetlands for some stage of their life cycle development. Beach-based tourism in the U. Also, in a series of studies about trees in business districts around the U.

We nausea and vomiting let nature do its very best job for us. It also provides for a much better habitat for salmon, provides for some areas of recreation for the folks nearby. Filter by cost, region, hazards, and more. HealthierEnvironments Natural nausea and vomiting and nature-based solutions can reduce flood risks, while improving water quality and enhancing wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities. Ecological Benefits of Nature-Based Solutions Communities have choices in how they prepare for and respond to floods.

ImprovedSocial Ties With their aesthetic appeal and restorative properties, natural and open spaces draw people together and strengthen community ties. Social Benefits of Nature-Based Solutions The presence of nearby natural areas and green spaces appears to nausea and vomiting social ties among neighbors by encouraging the use of nausea and vomiting spaces.

HealthierCommunities Natural areas nausea and vomiting nature-based solutions can promote physical and mental health, clean air and water, and help cool our cities. Public Health Benefits of Nature-Based Solutions The trees and vegetation in natural areas and green spaces improve water quality and air quality, particularly in larger cities, which has been connected to lower nausea and vomiting of asthma and wheezing in urban populations.

StrongerEconomies Economic benefits range from reduced nausea and vomiting damage costs (due to better flood protection) to lower water treatment costs to healthier fisheries, better recreational opportunities, and increased tourism and economic development.

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