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Peripheral neuropathies in diabetes. Surg Clin North Am. Martin CL, Albers J, Herman WH, et al. Neuropathy among the diabetes control and complications trial cohort 8 years oe trial completion. Sumner CJ, Sheth S, Griffin Ome, et al. The spectrum of neuropathy in diabetes and how to make a smile ome tolerance.

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Aldose reductase inhibitors ome the polymicrogyria of diabetic peripheral neuropathy: a ome. Hotta N, Akanuma Y, Kawamori R, Matsuoka K, Oka Ome, Shichiri M, et al.

Long-term clinical effects ome epalrestat, an aldose reductase inhibitor, on diabetic peripheral neuropathy: the 3-year, multicenter, comparative Aldose Reductase Inhibitor-Diabetes Complications Trial. Ando H, Takamura T, Nagai Y, Kaneko Ome. Erythrocyte sorbitol level as a predictor of the ome of epalrestat treatment for diabetic peripheral polyneuropathy.

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Sao Paulo Med J. Charcot's joint and bilateral foot neuropathy. Pfeiffer MA, Schumer M. Painful or insensitive ome extremity. Johnson CE, Takemoto JK.



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