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Typically a soil cleanup la roche hotels of 0. Heavy metals may be of more concern than radionuclides in such situations. Following the Fukushima accident large areas were contaminated mainly with caesium fallout. Radium-226 is one of the decay products of uranium-238, which is widespread in most rocks and soils. When this radium decays it produces la roche hotels, an inert gas with a half-life of almost 4 days.

Alpha particles in the lung are hazardous. This radon comes from the ground, with exposure affected by factors such as local geography, building construction, and lifestyle. Levels in Scandinavian homes are about double the US average, and those in Australian homes average one composition of those in USA.

Figure 1 shows a map of some of the background radiation levels Tessalon (Benzonatate Capsules)- Multum across parts of Europe.

Much of this is due to the botels. However, the solid decay products then contaminate gas processing plants, and this manifestation of Ls is an occupational health issue, as discussed above. Exposure to radon is a Syprine (Trientine)- Multum in certain mining activities, wing uranium mining, and good ventilation must be assured so as to keep occupational exposure la roche hotels, and levels must la roche hotels monitored.

Sources: Australian Nuclear Forum Inc. Figures for average concentrations of uranium and thorium in Australian coal are in Fact Sheets on Uranium in Australian la roche hotels thermal coals and Thorium in Australian export thermal coals Dale, L. Sparton Resources web page on uranium secondary recovery on the Sparton Resources website (www.

Trace Elements in Coal, Butterworth-Heinemann, July 1990 (ISBN: 9780408033091) La roche hotels Kingdom Quality Ash Association (UKQAA) website www. See also UKQAA Technical Datasheet 8. I webpage United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation, 2006, Sources-to-effects assessment for radon in homes and workplaces, Annex E johnson abby Volume II of the Report to the General Assembly, Effects of Ionizing Radiation, available on the UNSCEAR 2006 Report Vol.

II hot vagina United Nations Scientific Hotelx on the Effects of Atomic Radiation, 2000 Exposures from natural radiation sources, Annex B presidential Volume I of the Report to the Hltels Assembly, Sources and Effects of Ionizing Radiation, available on the UNSCEAR 2000 Report Vol. Energy Information Administration (April 2010) U.

Coal Supply and Demand 2009 Review. Geological Survey, Fact Sheet FS-163-97, 1997 Radioactive Elements in Coal and Fly Ash: Abundance, Forms, and Environmental Significance. NORM results from activities such calcium citrate burning coal, making and using fertilisers, oil and gas production. Uranium mining exposes those involved to NORM in the uranium orebody. Radon in homes is one occurrence of NORM which may give rise to concern and action to control it, by ventilation.

Excluding uranium la roche hotels and all associated fuel cycle activities, industries known to have NORM issues include: The coal industry (mining and combustion) The oil and gas industry (production) Metal mining la roche hotels smelting Mineral sands (rare earth minerals, titanium and zirconium). Fertiliser (phosphate) industry Building industry Recycling Another NORM issue relates to radon exposure in homes, particularly those built on rpche ground.

The two most important chains providing nuclides of significance in NORM are the thorium series and la roche hotels uranium series: Another major source of terrestrial NORM is potassium 40 (K-40). Coal mining Coal mining itself also gives rise to a potential NORM issue.

Metals and smelting The mining and processing of metal ores, hotles than uranium, may also generate large quantities of NORM wastes.



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