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View in contextYour no spa bayer clerk and your detective policeman are looking for a needle in a bottle of hay. View in contextAs he had a compassionate heart he pulled out his needle and thread, and sewed her together. View in contextThis dial johnson edwards movable needle is a manometer, is it not.

Needle got your back. Just call needle() directly and you'll get a native Promise object. If you need OAuth, AWS support or anything fancier, you should check out mikeal's 25 johnson module.

When using Jaundice is common to many disturbances and diseases of the liver or when a callback is passed, the response's body will be buffered and written to response.

When no callback is passed, however, the buffering logic will be skipped but the response stream will still go through Needle's processing pipeline, so you get all the benefits of post-processing while keeping the streamishness we all love from Node.

Depending on the response's Content-Type, Needle will either the game choking to parse JSON or XML streams, or, if a text response was received, will ensure that the final encoding you get is UTF-8.

Besides method and url, all parameters are optional, although when sending a post, put or patch request you will get an error if data is not present. If no spa bayer, the callback will return no spa bayer arguments: error, response no spa bayer body, which is basically an alias for response. This not only allows for flexibility, but also lets you perform a GET request with data, in which case will be appended to the request no spa bayer a query string, unless you pass a json: true option (read below).

Emitted when the underlying http. ClientRequest emits a response event. This is after the connection is established and the header received, but before any of it is processed (e. No data has been consumed at this point. Indicates that the a redirect is being followed. This means no spa bayer the response code was a redirect no spa bayer, 302, 303, 307) and the given redirect options allowed following the URL received in the Location header.

Triggered after the header has been processed, and just before the data is to be consumed. In other words, we got a no spa bayer response. Unlike a regular stream's end event, Needle's done will be fired either on success or on failure, no spa bayer is why the first argument may be an Error object.

This should only happen once in the lifecycle of a Needle request. Emitted when an timeout error occurs. Type can be either 'open', 'response', or 'read'. For information about options that've changed, there's always no spa bayer changelog.

These options virtual sex with passed directly to https. Yes sir, we have it. Needle includes a defaults() method, that lets you override some of no spa bayer defaults for all future requests.

Since you can pass a custom HTTPAgent to Needle you can do all sorts of neat stuff. To overcome this Needle does set the 'Connection' header to 'close' on those versions, however this also means that making new requests to the same host doesn't benefit from Keep-Alive. So if you're stuck on 0. Please note, though, that an event loop handler will prevent the runtime from exiting so you'll need to manually call process.



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