Poker hands ranking printable chart


poker hands ranking printable chart

"Womanizer" is a song by American singer Britney Spears from her sixth studio album, Circus (). It was released on September 26, , by Jive Records as the lead single of the album. Produced and written by The Outsyders, the song was re-recorded after a snippet was leaked onto the internet."Womanizer" is an up-tempo electropop and dance-pop song.  · How to Keep Track of Your Own Hands Playing Live Poker. The best way to track live poker stats is to first write them down on your phone while at the table. When you get home put them into an Excel poker sheet, or just through an Excel app on your phone right away. This makes it simple to get instant reports and allows for more in-depth analysis.  · Bender And Fry Poker, Slot Vlt Gratis Big, 10 Free Casino Bonus At Malibu Club Casino, What Online Games Can You Win Real Money. Read our full review-Free Spins. 30x. Multiple Deposit Methods Including BitCoin; Mobile Ready Casino; Top Game Providers; Percentage. € Wager. € 0. 0. Bonus-Karamba. Free Spins. Bonus. Gamble .

It doesn't seem to be a problem until you realize that rankint Green 25 chips might have been removed from the table two hours ago. For example, if a character 4 is chosen, then character 4 and the next sequential tile, character 5, can be used as source cards in this round. All tiles are placed face down on the table and are shuffled. Britney Spears songs. The first Western records about mahjong ;oker to correspond to the papers of British Consul General Amsterdam casino blackjack. Retrieved 8 November Predicting when your poker tournament will end is far from an exact science.

Archived from the original on 12 October Add-ons buying additional chips during the tourney will poker hands ranking printable chart increase the length of time it takes to end your tourney. The song broke the record for the highest jump to number one at a time which was later poker hands ranking printable chart by Kelly Clarkson 's " My Life Would Suck Without You " in It may be obvious, but look at how every starting hand wins less against more opponents. Wind is significant in that it affects the scoring of the game.

The next World Championship took place poker hands ranking printable chart Utrechtthe Netherlands, 27 to 29 August NRJ Lebanon. October 15, A two-player version was poker hands ranking printable chart by Nintendo. December 22,

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Poker hands ranking printable chart - think, that

S do you have anymore extra stats poker hands ranking printable chart can work out in Excel? Promotion Win a Festival Series Tallinn Package our Ranking Series at PokerStars. Mahjong nights in America often involved dressing and decorating rooms in Chinese style. Seasons No Image Name Character Direction 1. Archived from the original on September 28,  · How to Keep Track of Your Own Hands Playing Live Poker. The best way to track live poker stats is to first write them down on your phone while at the table.

When you get home put them into an Excel poker sheet, or just through an Excel app on your phone right away. This makes it simple to get instant reports and allows for more in-depth analysis. This chart will give you the rank of Texas Hold’em hands from best to worst. This can serve as an easy list of all hands sorted by strength rather casino liste separated by biggest starting card.

poker hands ranking printable chart

I am including all 13 pocket pairs and 78 unique non-paired starting hands for a total of 91 hands. What is IXwWHG. Jul 03, · Kepentingan Sukan dan Amalan Gaya Hidup Sihat Memperkukuh keharmonian dan perpaduan Negara Memupuk semangat patriotisme Membangunkan masyarakat yang berdisiplin dan berdaya saing Mampu mengukuhkan perpaduan dan kekuatan mental dan fizikal rakyat Salah satu cabang integrasi nasional dan.

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Yet players routinely slowplay their top starting hands pre-flop like pocket Aces and Kings. IFPI Czech Republic. December 13, CD single "Womanizer" Main Version — "Womanizer" Instrumental — CD maxi single "Womanizer" — "Womanizer" Kaskade Remix — "Womanizer" Junior 's Tribal Poker hands ranking printable chart Remix — "Womanizer" Instrumental — "Womanizer" Video Enhancement — Digital download "Womanizer" — Australia New Zealand.

A winning hand consists of 14 tiles.

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ONLINE SPIELE KOSTENLOS DEUTSCH AUTORENNEN Most players include table variations in their games, of which some non-standard are included. The speed of your dealers and the length of time each player contemplates his betting decision will also have a great influence on the length of your game. Player has of any suit; any one extra piece of the same suit suffices to win. Retrieved December 26, Retrieved 17 November Sometimes a loser may score more points than a winner.

The New Zealand Herald.

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Fake casino prank The dealer throws three dice in the square wall and sums up the total. Jive Records. There are things she's really good at, like having a really natural knack for knowing what girls want. Archived from the original on March 20, The discarded tile is thrown into the centre and, if poker hands ranking printable chart, the player announces out loud what the piece is. New York Post.
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Some mahjong variants accept wildcard tiles. Best ultimate bet referral code sign up bonus doyles room promo code click at this page poker host bonus code. Lead singer Alex Kapranos poker hands ranking printable chart "It's been the best song out in the last few months". It portrays Pooker as a woman who disguises herself in different costumes and follows her boyfriend through his daily activities to expose him in the end. Promotion Win a Festival Series Tallinn Package learn more here Ranking Series at PokerStars.

poker hands ranking printable chart Play continues this way until one player has a legal winning hand and calls out "Mahjong" while revealing their hand.

There are many highly varied poker hands ranking printable chart of mahjong both in rules and tiles used. If you want your records to be more informative, you can also keep track of:. For poker hands ranking printable chart reasons Hong Kong mahjong is a suitable variation for the introduction of game rules and play and is the focus of this article. Stanford Report. Archived from the original on August 2, Avoid the Spots That Cost You Money poker hands ranking printable chart This makes it simple to get instant reports and allows for more in-depth analysis. If you've never done live poker tracking using Excel before there's no better time to start.

Once you have even a rudimentary knowledge of the program you can start to create your stat-tracking poker spreadsheet. No need for any special live poker results tracker.

poker hands ranking printable chart

Here's an example of a very simple stat-tracking setup:. The first poker hands ranking printable chart columns A-E need to be filled out by you but the last two can be populated by Excel automatically. To do that, you'll need to put a formula into each field. If you click on a field and enter an equal sign into that field Excel will discern that you're creating a formula. Now when you add a new row of data into row three all you have to do is highlight the column with a formula you want to reuse, copy it and paste it into the new cell.

Use the mouse to select the cell with the formula, and all the cells below it you want the formula in, and hit CTRL-D or use the "File" menu to select the option "Fill Down". Now you have a simple poker tanking sheet. To easily build other basic formulas use the built-in formula builders in Excel. All you have to do is follow the instructions, point and click. If you want to get more advanced, do a little Googling and you can figure out how to run almost any report you can think of. Raniing the stuff in the middle is just to get the big blind or big bet if you're playing limit from the Limit poker hands ranking printable chart. If you had two fields Low-Limit and High-Limit this formula would be much simpler.

Regardless of how you choose to do it, you should track online poker results of every session you play. If you already do keep track of your sessions, start tracking more info about them. Used logically and truthfully the reports you generate will present you with practical ways to maximize your ROI. A block of solid data can be hard to read at a glance. Since none of us want to spend time trying to comprehend this, here's how to add some formatting please click for source make your poker tracking spreadsheet easier to read. Below you'll see negative values are prinatble red done with standard formatting.

poker hands ranking printable chart

But by using the conditional formatting tool, you can make it more obvious and change the red text to this:. To do this you need to highlight the cell s you want to format and choose "Conditional Formatting" online spiele the main "Home" toolbar. Now we want to highlight the boxes if they're negative, so choose "Highlight Poker hands ranking printable chart Rule" then "Less Than. For some entries you only ever choose one from a small selection of options. Rather than type these in each time which can result in formatting errors and typos, which can break calculation codeswe can create a drop down box with your selection choices.

The easiest way to do this is to use a named range. The first thing you need to do is click on a tab at the poker hands ranking printable chart of your poker cash game spreadsheet to go to a new page of the same document. As you can see our document has three parts:. We want to focus on the data page for this task. The first thing you want to do is create a list with all the values you want. Even though it's not required I recommend you do the same. Click on the column header and where it says B1 write in the name of that list; I chose Limits for the Limits List. Now go back to the sessions tab. Click on the box or boxes where you want the drop down and choose the data tab from the main toolbar. Click on the option named "Data Validation.

Now you'll a dropdown with everything in that named range. If you like you can enter an input article source when in the data validation dialog box. That will show up like this:. Here are some other things you need to know:. If either box is empty, a standard formula will return an error, so with this IF statement it returns "" blank instead. Excel is able to do very detailed equations, in my Reports page I use nested IF statements, such as this:. As you can see, you can make it as complex as you like, depending on how fancy you want to get. The SUMIF function poker hands ranking printable chart a pretty useful little tool. Here's how it works:. If you can have a general set of starting hand guidelines i.

That free your mind up to actually start playing your and the specific table situation. Limit the number of opponents with strongest hands and realize just how few starting hands are dominant by the numbers.

How to Create a Poker Blinds Schedule

Still want to slowplay those Aces pre-flop? The commonly accepted number is Here are some key numbers on starting hands:. I'm giving away my 6-part course if you download it in the next 24 hours. Very impressed, poker hands ranking printable chart really made a difference to how I play my game from when I first started. Definitely built up my confidence in the game and helping me to stop spewing off chips. Any hand that has a score over 80 is a premium hand and anything over about 65 are very strong hands. Essentially, the lesson here is to hold strong starting cards and thin the field when you play a hand likely to be the favorite.

You can see the extremely low average winning poker hand percentages for commonly played hands like Q or J-9 so my advice would have to be to stick to the premium hands as you learn the game. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, every hand wins dramatically less when it is played against more opponents. Those community flops are a realistic scenario at looser USA-facing sites like Ignition Poker and Bovada Poker. Your goal should be to thin the field preflop and increase your odds of that premium hand holding up. Of course, the fundamentals of poker are based on proper starting hand selection so take a look at the above charts and see how the cards you play rank. Full Review. The tournaments are big and I play fast fold all the time since they added it to mobile.

Matthew Gordon. Unlimited freerolls. If at any point in the game a player can use another player's discard to complete a legal hand and with the agreed minimum pointsthey declare click the following article win and reveal their winning hand. This ends the hand, and scoring commences. If more than one player can use a discard to win the hand, multiple ways can handle the situation based on agreed table rules: The players might count the points they would win with the discard and the winner is the one with the higher score, the winner might simply be the player closest to the discarder in order of turn, or multiple players may be granted the win simultaneously. Alternatively, a player may also win by drawing a tile that completes a legal hand. This is called "winning from the wall". In Hong Kong mahjong, winning from the wall doubles the number of base points each loser must pay.

Technically, the declaration for winning a hand may be done at anytime. However, the player must have a poker hands ranking printable chart and legal hand. Otherwise, the player is penalized. The penalty depends on table rules. The player may forfeit points to the other players. Another potential penalty is the player who called out the false mahjong must play the rest of the hand with their tiles face up on the table so other players can see them open hand. Some methods apply the penalty at the end of the entire game. Again, the table rules dictate the enforcement of the penalty. A rarely occurring and poker hands ranking printable chart feature of Hong Kong Mahjong is a move called robbing kartenspiele für erwachsene 2 spieler Kong.

If a player declares a Kong by adding a fourth piece to a melded Pong but another player can use that piece to complete a hand, the completing player takes priority to go Mahjong win the hand and may steal that piece from the player who intended to declare the Kong. Below are two examples of winning hands. A winning hand must consist of four melds Pongs, Kongs, or Chows and a pair eyes and must also score the agreed table minimum. Hand formed with four Pongs and the eyes pair of East wind. Only bamboo is used no other suited tilesscoring extra points clean hand. A high-scoring hand formed using only circles, known as a pure hand. Hand is made of Chows, Pongs and the eyes of circles. Most players include table variations in their games, of which some non-standard are included. The hands of seven different pairs and 13 orphans are examples which do not have four melds and the eyes. They are described in more detail below. If the dealer wins the hand, he will remain the dealer and an extra hand is played in addition read article the minimum 16 hands in a poker hands ranking printable chart. An hand is also played if there is no winner by the time all the tiles poker hands ranking printable chart the wall have been drawn.

When there is no winner it is known as a "goulash hand". Depending on table rules, the winner of the next game may take an agreed number of points from each player, carrying over the points from the non-winning more info to the winning one. If there are two or three goulash hands in a row then the winner would collect a considerable number of points from each player on top of their scoring hand. Because extra hands may be learn more here every time a dealer wins or if there is a goulash hand, a match of 16 hands can easily become a match of 20 or even much more. As table rules add a large amount of flexibility for players, they can choose to disregard the rule of extra hands and pass on the dealership regardless of who wins or if it results in a goulash hand.

This puts a maximum estimated limit on the game duration and provides some amount of predictability. Players may agree on table rules if the pace of the game is brisk or read more. For brisk games players may agree that a couple seconds after poker hands ranking printable chart discard are allowed for a "window of opportunity" before the next player picks up from the wall. Usually it is agreed once the next player has waited the duration of the "window of opportunity" and draws a tile from the wall, the previous discard is lost and cannot be claimed. Old Hong Kong scoring is relatively simple. There is only one winner or if there is a draw the hand is replayed. The winner must have poker hands ranking printable chart legal hand that meets the minimum faan points agreed to in advance not including any bonus points.

Only the winner scores, the other players pay the winner various sums.

poker hands ranking printable chart

After each hand ends, the winner counts all of his or her faan points. A concealed meld is one that contains no tiles stolen from another hwnds discard. A concealed hand is one made up of only concealed melds. Many variations distinguish between a concealed hand winning from the wall and a semi concealed hand the last tile is a stolen discard. In most mahjong variations having a concealed hand can be valuable in scoring. Concealed hands only the case with a few limit hands or half-limit hands thirteen orphans, heavenly gates, four concealed pongs as poker hands ranking printable chart as a complete hand seven pairs and over several melds three concealed pongs.

A read article hand must include an agreed minimum amount of faan value often 3. Some examples of scoring include:.

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The losers pay the winning player points based on several criteria and depending on whether the game is for fun or for money. How points are reckoned is agreed by players beforehand. For example, they can keep a tally, exchange chips or pay one another with see more. The faan value of a hand is converted into base points which are then used to calculate the points the losers pay the winner. The table is progressive, doubling the number of base points when reaching a certain faan point target. The following is the Old Hong Kong simplified table, for other tables see Hong Kong Mahjong scoring rules.

This table is based on play where 3 faan is the minimum needed in order to win with poker hands ranking printable chart legal hand. If a player has 3 faan then his hand is worth one base point. A winning hand with 9 faan is worth four base points. Losing players must give the winning player the value of these base points. The following special cases result in doubled base points:. If two of these criteria apply to any player, he must double and then redouble the points owed to the winner. Hong Kong Mahjong is essentially a payment system of doubling and redoubling where winning from the wall adds great value to the final payment and where the dealer is highly rewarded or penalised if they win or lose.

Poker hands ranking printable chart Hong Kong Mahjong there are a series of "limit hands". These are exceptional hands, difficult to obtain and are please click for source valuable in point scoring. As many table rules put a limit on the number of points a winners hand can score, full limit hands score that maximum. Table rules dictate if these rare and special hands are allowed, which ones, and the limit for scoring. A common scoring limit is 64 points, which is the highest base points doubled twice. A winner receives the scoring limit from each player without any doubling. Some limit hands by necessity must be completely concealed not discards used or semi-concealed the only discard used is the one needed to go mahjong.

This includes the 13 orphans, 4 concealed pongs, heavenly hand poker hands ranking printable chart earthly hand. It is usually expected that the heavenly gates hand be concealed or semi-concealed. As for the dragon limit hands and the great winds, table rules dictate if the hand must be concealed or not. Some table rules claim that a semi-concealed hand winning from a discard scores a half-limit. Some groups also play with the "great Flowers" rule. If a player picks up all four Flowers and all four Seasons during their hand, they instantly win the hand and receive the maximum points from all of the players. This is exceptionally rare. Variations may have far more complicated scoring systems, add or remove tiles, and include far more scoring elements and limit hands. In many places, poker gto vs exploitative often observe one version and are either unaware of other variations or claim that different versions are incorrect.

In mainland China alone, there are over thirty variants. Mahjong playing surfaces are typically square and small enough to be within arm's length of poker hands ranking printable chart equipment. The edges are raised to prevent tiles from sliding off and the surface is covered in felt to limit wear on the tiles. Automatic dealing tables, often used for high stakes playing and tournaments, are able to shuffle tiles, build walls, and randomize dice. It is an elaborate device built into a table which uses two alternating sets of tiles. It prepares one wall while the players play one hand.

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After the hand is finished the tiles are dropped into the table and a new wall raises upwards. There are variations that feature specific use of tiles. Some three-player versions remove the North Wind and one Chinese provincial version has no Honors. Korean Mahjong removes the poker hands ranking printable chart suit or at least its numbers 2—8 so that terminals can be used. Japanese Mahjong rarely uses Flowers or Seasons. The Seasons are removed in Korean Mahjong, while many Southeast Asian sets have more flower series. Some mahjong variants accept wildcard tiles. The wildcard tiles are decided at the beginning of please click for source game by choosing one random tile.

The wild card could be the immediately following tile on the wall, after distributing tiles to all players, or it could also be separately decided a dice throw. Wildcard tiles cannot be discarded and can only replace tiles in Chows. Wildcard tiles cannot replace tiles in hansd and Kongs. For example, if a character 4 is chosen, then character 4 and the next sequential tile, character 5, can be used chary wild cards in this round.

poker hands ranking printable chart

When the wildcard indicator is chosen and exposed, only 3 tiles remain of the same denomination, so the next tile in the suit will also be used as a wildcard, adding to 7 wildcard tiles for 4 players. Also, if a tile numbered 9 is the indicator, the suits circle back to 1, after 9. Thus, the number 9 and 1 are wild cards. A feature of several variations of Mahjong, most notably in American mahjong, is the notion of some number of Joker tiles. They may be used as a wild card: a substitute for any tile in a hand, or, in some variations, only tiles in melds. Another variation is that the Joker tile may not be used for melding. Depending on the variation, a player may replace a Joker tile that is part of an exposed meld belonging to any player with the tile it represents. Rules governing discarding Joker tiles also poker hands ranking printable chart some variations permit the Joker tile to take on the identity of any tile, and others only permit the Joker tile to take on the identity of the previously discarded tile or the absence of a tile, if it is the first discard.

Joker tiles may or may not affect scoring, depending on the variation. Some special hands may require the use of Joker tiles for example, to represent a "fifth tile" of a certain suited or honor tile. Japanese rule sets discourage the use of Flowers and Seasons. In Singapore and Malaysia an extra set of bonus tiles of four animals are used. The rule set includes a unique function in that players who get two specific animals get a one-time immediate payout from all players. In Taiwanese Mahjong, getting all eight Flowers and Seasons constitutes an automatic win of the hand and poker hands ranking printable chart payout from all players. Four of the flower tiles speaking, best casino bonus 2020 uk are the four noble plants of Confucian reckoning:.

These animal tiles are used in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and local variations. They represent the catmouserooster and centipede. Like flower tiles, they also function as bonus tiles. However, as they have no corresponding seat position, any player who draws one of these gets a bonus point. All tiles are placed face down and shuffled. Each player then stacks a row of tiles two tiles high in front of him, the length of the row depending on the number of tiles in use:. Depending on the variation, two or three dice are usually used to decide what part of the wall to start dealing from. They are six-sided dice, traditionally but not necessarily Chinese dice with red one and four pips. The dealer marker is a round or square object that the dealer places to the side to remind players who the dealer is. The wind marker may be used which indicates the current prevailing wind.

In some cases the dealer marker and the wind marker are represented by one poker hands ranking printable chart marker, usually a small wheel where one can swivel the outer circle to indicate the prevailing wind which the dealer holds ontoa cube with the four winds placed onto four of the sides which can be placed in a hollow square the dealer holds onto itor a cylinder locked into frame which can be rolled to expose the wind on the top. Japanese mahjong, especially in a gambling environment, may read more use four yakitori markers to indicate which players have not won a hand yet and has to pay a penalty.

There are a variety of counting pieces used poker hands ranking printable chart different countries. They range from Chinese or Japanese counting sticks thin sticks with various dots on them to represent various pointsjetonsplay moneypaper and pencil, or various apps on touchscreen devices used to calculate and keep scores. Japanese and Korean Mahjong have some special rules. A player cannot win by a discard if that player had already discarded that piece, where players' discards are kept in neat rows in front of them. Players may declare ready, meaning that they need one tile to win, cannot change their hand and win extra points if they win. Some rules may replace some of the number poker hands ranking printable chart tiles with red tiles, as they can earn more points.

Korean Mahjong does not allow melded stolen chows. Taiwanese Mahjong adds three tiles to a hand requiring a 5th set poker hands ranking printable chart be formed, making a clean hand or all Pong hand very difficult to procure. American Mahjong has distinctive game mechanics and the article on American Mahjong details these. Some differences include many special patterns, a different scoring system and the use of jokers and five-of-a-kind. In the American variations it is required that, before each hand begins, a Charleston be enacted. Read more the first exchange, three tiles are passed to the player poker hands ranking printable chart one's right; in the next exchange, the tiles are passed to the player opposite, followed by three tiles passed to the left.

If all players are in agreement, a second Charleston is performed; however, any player may decide to stop passing after the first Charleston is complete. The Charleston is followed by an optional pass to the player across of one, two, or three tiles. The Charleston, a distinctive feature of American Mahjong, may have been borrowed from card games such as Hearts. Many variations have specific hands, some of which are common while some are optional depending on regions and players. One example is the Pure Green hand made of chows or Pongs using 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 of bamboo and green dragon. When a hand is one tile short of winning for example:waiting for:, oras can be the eyesthe hand is said to be a ready hand, or more figuratively, "on poker hands ranking printable chart pot".

The player holding a ready hand is said to be waiting for certain tiles. It is common to be waiting for two or three tiles, and some variations award points for a hand that is waiting for one tile. In tile Mahjong, pair poker largest number of tiles for which a player can wait is 13 the thirteen wondersor 13 orphansa nonstandard special hand. Ready hands must be declared in some variations of Mahjong, while other poker hands ranking printable chart prohibit the same.

If only the dead wall remains or if no dead wall exists and the wall is depleted and no one has won, the hand is drawn or " goulashed ". A new hand begins, and depending on the variant, the Game Wind may change. For example, in most playing circles in Singapore, if there is at least one Sporting bet when the hand is a draw, the following player of the dealer becomes the next dealer; otherwise, the dealer remains dealer. The rule is treated the same as "abortive draws". In Japanese Mahjong, rules allow abortive draws to be declared while tiles are still available. They can be declared under the following conditions:. Scoring in Mahjong involves points, with a monetary value for points agreed upon by players. Although in many variations scoreless hands click the following article possible, many require that hands be of some point value in order to win the hand.

While the basic rules are more or less the same throughout Mahjong, greatest divergence between variations lies in the scoring systems. Like the rules, there is a generalized system of scoring, based on the method of winning and the winning poker hands ranking printable chart, from which Chinese and Japanese base their roots. American Mahjong generally has greatly divergent scoring rules, as well as greatly divergent general rules.

Because of the large differences between the various systems of scoring especially for Chinese variantsgroups of players will often agree on particular scoring rules before a game. Points terminology of which differs from variation to variation are obtained by matching the winning hand with different criteria scoring different values. The points obtained may poker hands ranking printable chart modified into scores for each player using some typically exponential functions. Some criteria may be also in terms of both points and score. In many variations the dealer receives no scoring bonus and does not maintain his turn by winning or a dead hand.

poker hands ranking printable chart

In classical Mahjong all players score points. Points are given for sets and hand composition and winning bonuses, click and redoubled for basic patterns. Sometimes a loser may score more points than a winner. Japanese Mahjong has a complex scoring system with several stages of scoring, rules and exceptions, evening out scores and bonus points at the end of a match. Korean Mahjong has a simple scoring system where only winner scores without any form of doubling. Some variations give points for concealed hands, in which case no melds are made continue reading by winning on a rankiny.

A single player game printabld the tiles of mahjong, usually played on computers or devices. Gameplay is entirely unrelated to mahjong or its variations and is a recent invention. A two-player version was published by Nintendo. The game involves stacking tiles face up in various elaborate patterns and removing uncovered matching tiles at the end of rows. Inin the interest of dissociating illegal gambling from Mahjong, the China State Sports Poker hands ranking printable chart published a new set of rules, now generally referred to as Chinese Official rules or International Tournament rules see Guobiao Majiang.

poker hands ranking printable chart

The principles of the new, wholesome Mahjong are no gambling, no drinking, and no smoking. In international tournaments, players are often grouped in teams to emphasize that Mahjong from now on is considered a sport. The new rules are highly pattern-based. The rulebook contains 81 combinations, based on patterns and scoring elements popular in classic and modern regional Chinese variants; some table practices of Japan have link been adopted. Points for flower tiles each flower is worth click point may not be added until the player has scored eight points. The winner of a game receives the score from the player who discards the winning tile, plus eight basic points from each player; in the case of zimo self-drawn winhe receives the value of this round plus eight points from players.

The new poker hands ranking printable chart were first used in an international article source in Tokyopoker hands ranking printable chart, inthe first global tournament in mahjong was organized by the Mahjong Museum, the Japan Mahjong Organizing Committee, and the city council of Ningbo, China.

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