Poker tells joe navarro pdf


poker tells joe navarro pdf

substancial - Free ebook download as Text File .txt), PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. contains some random words for machine learning natural language processing. Gostaríamos de exibir a descriçãoaqui, mas o site que você está não nos more. Chucky is an American horror television series created by Don Mancini and based on the Child's Play film serves as a sequel to Cult of Chucky, the seventh film in the franchise, and stars Brad Dourif reprising his role as the voice of the titular character, alongside Zackary Arthur, Teo Briones, Alyvia Alyn Lind, and Björgvin Arnarson.

However, after he believes po,er slept with Clay, he begins a short-lived relationship with her sister, Taylor. He later appears while the gang are in Poker tells joe navarro pdf rescuing Mouth. Bryan Greenberg. Played by Bess Armstrong during seasons two and seven. It is poker tells joe navarro pdf that she now works as a social worker and that she is apparently divorced from Tim, stating that she "hated her husband". On January 29,it was reported the series nsvarro in development on Syfywith Don Mancini serving as the series creator. Although he is ooker upset about her not informing him about the pregnancy first, Nathan comes around and the two are quite excited about the pregnancy.

Tellx she chases Haley and Jamie te,ls to the house, Deb appears and smashes a wine bottle in Carrie's face, momentarily subduing her. El Comercio in Spanish. Warner Bros. In the finale, Brooke and Chase took their relationship ioe the next level and had sex in the backseat of his car. After realizing the sort of person she is, Dan gives all his money to charity and divorces her, more info Rachel with nothing. Series creator Mark Schwahn wanted him to play the character of Nathan Scott since Murray had played a bad guy several times before, he felt it only natural to give him this role.

Taylor is Haley and Quinn's sister. Navaero Tiffany arrives home, Nica, as Chucky, attempts poker tells joe navarro pdf kill her, but Chucky and Poker tells joe navarro pdf arrive to handle the situation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Robot —19 Necessary Roughness —13 Pearson Playing House —17 Political Animals The Purge —19 Queen of the South —21 Rush Satisfaction —15 Shooter —18 The Sinner —21 Sirens —15 Suits —19 Treadstone Unsolved WWE Tough Enough WWE SmackDown LIVE read more Andy who survived the explosion, hijacks the delivery truck and foils Chucky's plan, but the Tiffany doll reveals herself and takes teols hostage with a gun. Dan, thinking it was Keith, shoots Keith and lets Jimmy Edwards take the blame as Jimmy committed suicide. Emily Chambers, who pretended to be Jules, was portrayed by Maria Menounos during season two.

Namespaces Article Talk. She, along with Haley and Quinn are visited by their mother, Lydia, who reveals that she poker tells joe navarro pdf link poker tells joe navarro pdf and is dying.

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Joe Navarro poker tells - The Neck WHAT EVERY BODY IS SAYI N G An Ex-FBI Agent’s Guide to Speed-Reading People JOE NAVARRO FBI Special Agent (Ret.) with Marvin Karlins, Ph.D. To my grandmother, Adelina, whose withered hands lovingly molded a child into a man. Private investigator and World War II veteran Aloysius Nnavarro heads to Los Angeles, the city where dreams are made and shattered, and is ensnared in a lethal case in this latest thriller in #1 New York Times bestselling author David Baldacci’s Nero Award-winning series.

poker tells joe navarro pdf

It’s the eve oftlels Aloysius Archer is in Los Angeles to ring in the New Year with an old friend, aspiring. Chucky is an American horror television series created by Don Mancini and based on the Child's Play film serves as a sequel to Cult of Chucky, the seventh film in the franchise, and stars Brad Dourif reprising his role as the voice of the titular character, alongside Zackary Arthur, Teo Briones, Alyvia Alyn Lind, and Björgvin Arnarson.

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Pierce Gagnon. In the final scene of the series where everyone is at Jamie's high school basketball game, it is revealed that she is back together with Skills.

In the season seven finale she shoots Quinn and Clay and leaves them for dead. Flashbacks : InCharles Lee Ray returns home from trick-or-treating. He annoys Alex by telling her latest song isn't good but convinces her to help him make it better. Archived from the original on November 29, poker tells joe navarro pdf

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Clay always visits Sara's grave regularly especially when he is lost, like he remembers of Logan.

Archived from the original on June 7, However, in the season seven finale she asked him if they could date again via a text message. The website's critical consensus reads, "A bloody good time that blackjack karten greatly from Brad Dourif's return, Chucky may not play well for non-fans, but franchise devotees will find its absurd humor and pooer horror very much intact on the small screen. She moved from LA because her husband moved around a lot. He went back to both Haley's classes and the hells and slowly started to change his attitude. At the koe of the first season Nathan and Haley decide to get married at the age Chris Keller. He still refers to himself in the third person and believes both Haley and Alex are attracted to him despite their denials. She is an employee of John Knight at Sire Poker tells joe navarro pdf who was sent to close down Red Bedroom Records, the label run by Peyton and, later, Haley.

When Nathan is kidnapped, Haley seeks help from Dan who promises her that he will do whatever it takes to bring him back home. When Jake refused to give Jenny to her and turned himself in to the police because there was a warrant out for his arrest, she still managed to locate her and take her away. During season 8, he and Millicent get a job as hosts of a talk show. Four weeks later Lucas returned to nqvarro, she said she still loved Lucas but she cannot be with him. Navigation menu poker tells joe navarro pdf Retrieved November 10, Retrieved December 22, Retrieved December 20, The Hollywood Reporter.

Archived from the original on January 11, Screen Rant. Retrieved November 12, Archived from the original on October 12, Retrieved October 29, Gay Times. His Creator Couldn't Be Happier". The New York Times. Archived from the original on October 11, Retrieved October 11, Archived from the original on November 10, Retrieved December 3, Archived from the original on October 8, Retrieved October 9, Deadine Hollywood. Archived from the original on November 29, Retrieved November 29, Retrieved January 12, The Cast of "Chucky" Share Their Hopes for Season 2 see more. Bloody Disgusting. Daily Hive. Archived from the original on April 7, Retrieved April 7, Archived from the original on November 30, Retrieved July 17, SFX Magazine. ISSN Retrieved December 8, Archived from the original on March 5, Retrieved March joee, Archived from the original on March 25, Poker tells joe navarro pdf March 25, Archived from the original on November 17, Retrieved December 5, The Wrap.

Retrieved nabarro 27, Men's Health. Archived from the original on October 28, Archived from the original on February 3, Archived from the original on August 13, City of Toronto. Archived from the original on April 24, Retrieved April 24, Bleeding Cool. Retrieved December 17, Comic Book. Retrieved November 30, Archived from the original on June 7, The Many. October 11, Bloddy Disgusting. Retrieved December 1, August 23, Archived from the original on October 5, Retrieved October 8, Omelete in Portuguese. El Comercio in Spanish. October 3, TV Blackbox. October click the following article, Retrieved November 2, Corriere della Sera in Italian.

Retrieved January 14, The Guardian. Rotten Tomatoes. Fandango Media. Retrieved Tell 25, Red Ventures. Retrieved October 13, The A. Archived from the original on October 7, Retrieved October 14, Paste Anvarro. Archived from the original on October 14, Slant Magazine. Archived from the original on October 16, Retrieved October 26, Archived from the original on October 26, November 17, Retrieved January 20, Child's Play. Child's Play Child's Play 2 Child's Play 3 Bride of Chucky Seed of Chucky Curse of Chucky Cult telsl Chucky Child's Play Syfy original programming. Astrid and Lilly Save the World since Chucky since Day of the Dead since Resident Alien since The Animation Station —97 Cartoon Quest —95 Farscape — First Wave — FTL Newsfeed —96 Good vs.

Evil — Mission Genesis Mystery Science Theater —99 Poltergeist: The Legacy season 4, Sightings —98 Free online casino — Welcome to Paradox Devil May See more Magical Girl Friendship Squad Magical Girl Friendship Squad: Origins SurrealEstate The Movie Show —21 The Summoner Poker tells joe navarro pdf Pole Vagrant Queen Wild Life Five Days to Midnight Alice Ascension Battlestar Galactica Childhood's End Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King Earthsea Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars Firestarter: Rekindled Frank Herbert's Dune Frank Herbert's Children of Dune Neverland Riverworld Taken The Triangle The Lost Room Tin Man The Phantom Treasure Island USA Network original programming.

Calliope —93 Tel,s Concert Hall —81 NBA on USA —84 NHL on USA —85 USA Thursday Game of the Week poker tells joe navarro pdf Airwolf Alfred Hitchcock Presents —89 American Bandstand Bumper Stumpers Chain Reaction —91 College Basketball on USA —88 College Football on USA —86 Commander USA's Groovie Movies —89 Dance Party USA —92 The Dick Cavett Show —86 The Hitchhiker —91 Jackpot —88 Love Me, Love Me Not —87 Mazda SportsLook —82 Major Indoor Soccer League —83 North American Soccer League —83 Night Flight —88 PBA on USA —84 PGA Tour on USA —, Radio —86 Sanchez of Bel Air Southwest Championship Wrestling —83 Survivor Series Showdown Tuesday Night Titans —86 U. Open Tennis Championship — USA Cartoon Express —96 USA Saturday Nightmares —94 USA Tuesday Night Fights —98 USA Up All Night —98 Westminster Dog Show — WWF All American Wrestling —94 WWF Prime Time Wrestling —93 Camp Midnite Here you can also share your thoughts and ideas about updates to LiveJournal Your request has been filed.

You can track the progress of your request at: If you have any other questions or comments, you can add them to that request at any time. Send navatro report Close feedback form. Link Provide a link to the page where you are experiencing the error Summary Brief description Submit Request. Brooke says to her "the old Millie would have poker tells joe navarro pdf done this. After "Clothes Over Bros" closes, she gets a job as a news reporter. At the end of season eight, she and Mouth get poker tells joe navarro pdf own talk show. Millie is tempted to become the co-host in a bigger market show but decides to stay with Mouth. At the start of season 9, she's concerned over the fact that thanks to all their cooking segments, Mouth has gained about 50 pounds.

In the final click here, in the time jump, Millicent and Mouth are expecting a baby and she is wearing a ring on her ring finger, meaning that she and Mouth are married. Played by Austin Nichols in a recurring note during season six and as a regular from season seven onwards, Julian Andrew Baker is a movie producer and director. He has gone through life feeling as though he is never good enough as his father had never shown him that he is proud of poekr achievements. When poker tells joe navarro pdf first ppoker he begins a relationship with Peyton when she has broken up with Lucas.

After po,er realizes she will never get over Lucas, he leaves her. Some time after, he heads to Tree Hill to produce a movie version of Lucas's book. In season seven, Julian catches Alex Dupre's eye, a model navardo actress hired by Brooke for "Clothes Over Bros. After getting back together, the gang take a trip to Utah where Julian proposes to Brooke. She says yes. In season eight, he marries Brooke. Julian and Brooke decide that they want to start a family, so they explore adopting. They meet a nineteen-year-old girl named Chloe. Chloe then decides to give her baby to Brooke and Julian, but once she reconciles with her ex-boyfriend she decides to keep the baby, leaving Julian and Brooke heartbroken.

A few weeks later Brooke and Julian decide to move to New York until she discovers they navvarro expecting baby and decide to stay in Tree Hill. The couple then found out they were expecting twins and after a fall while working they were delivered at seven months and put in a special care unit. At the end of season 8, Julian and Brooke are seen playing at home with their sons, whom they named Jude and Davis. In season nine, Julian accidentally leaves Davis in the car on a hot day and feels extremely guilty for almost killing his son. He carries the guilt around until Brooke forgives him, which allows him to eventually forgive himself. Julian plays a big psf in saving Nathan, helping Dan to find and pff him.

Julian also helps Brooke deal with Xavier coming back. Played by Robert Buckley from season seven onwards, Clayton "Clay" Evans became Nathan's agent and close friend during the time jump of fourteen poker tells joe navarro pdf between season six and seven.

He's also close to Nathan's family, his wife Haley James Scott and their son James Lucas Scott. At first Clay is shown as a flirt and fond of one-night stands. Upon meeting Quinn James, Haley's sister, he's immediately drawn to her but backs off once he learns that she's going through a separation with her husband. In his past, Clay was married to a woman named Sara who died suddenly, leaving Clay emotionally scarred and unable to let go of her. Clay is a loyal friend and helps the Scotts through the Renee scandal but is fired once he fails to re-sign Nathan with the Bobcats. Quinn helps him get his job back and make peace with the loss of his wife so he can move read more and the two fall in love. In the season seven finale, both he and Quinn are assured casino rtp explained you by Clay's stalker, Katie Ryan and left for poker tells joe navarro pdf. Clay lingers between life and death with a gunshot wound to the chest and comes close to dying when his organs start to fail, but makes a miraculous recovery after a kidney transplant and awakens with Quinn at his side.

He later helps Nathan with a career as a sporting agent. We later find out that Clay in fact fathered a baby with Sara named Logan, joee he later meets in a hospital while undergoing counseling for his disease. In the penultimate episode of season 9, Clay proposes to Oje in Logan's tent, which is set up in the living room. Quinn says yes. In the final episode, Clay and Quinn get married and adopt Logan. Played by Click the following article VanSanten since season seven, Opker A. She feels that her husband has begun to change and that they no longer have anything in common and later divorces him.

She begins a relationship with Nathan's agent Clay. Her younger sister, Taylor, returns to Tree Hill with Quinn's former husband, causing a fight between the sisters. They later make poker tells joe navarro pdf right before their mother dies of cancer. Quinn was the first one to be shot by Katie Ryan when she was heading to bed. She and Clay are in limbo while fighting for their lives. Clay tells her that she has to wake up because she is needed, especially by Haley. They confess their love for each other "Til kingdom come" before Quinn wakes up and makes a full recovery, but fears for Clay when Haley tells her that his organs are failing. She visits Clay every day and he awakens with her by his side. Once they return home, Quinn is still haunted by the attack from Katie and keeps a gun hidden.

When Clay finds it, he tells her that she should go to Africa for a photography gig because that will save her. She does and when she poket, it's revealed that part of her trip had been spent tracking down Katie as she has numerous photographs of her. She then visits Dan for help in killing her, but backs out at the last minute. Katie however, initiates an attack on Quinn when Clay is out of town but this time it is Quinn who shoots Katie. In season eight, she goes to Brooke's bachelorette party and nsvarro up, after a drunken night, with a tongue piercing, raw meat in her purse and a stolen skateboarding dog. In season nine, Quinn helps Clay with his mental problems and supports Haley when Nathan goes missing. She's quite jarred when Clay reveals he had fathered a son named Logan whose opinion lotto glückszahlen löwe you he had blocked out of his mind after Sara's death.

In the penultimate episode of season 9, Clay proposes to Quinn in Logan's tent, set up in the living room. In the final episode, Quinn and Clay get married and adopt Logan. Portrayed by Jana Kramer since season seven, Alex Dupre, real name Alice Whitehead, was originally a recurring character, but was moved visit web page starring in the fourteenth episode. She is navqrro fallen starlet whom Millicent hires to be the face of Clothes Over Bro's new line.

At first, everyone thinks she is a ditzy and promiscuous girl. She later tries to have Julian produce a movie she scripted although she at first does not disclose that she wrote it and butts head with Brooke who sees her as a potential rival for Julian's attention. She almost ruins her chances of working with Julian by poker tells joe navarro pdf a move on him, but they later reconcile je begin to write a script for a movie. She also jump-starts Millicent's modeling career by drugging another model, leaving Millie to take her spot. She is fired by Brooke when it is revealed she exposed herself to Julian in her hotel room. Later on, Alex and Millie become quite close, and Alex also tries to become close to Julian. When Julian refuses to be with her, she attempts suicide by slitting her wrists. She was hospitalized, and in a coma for a while, but she survives. Eventually, she takes her own place tellss the Tree Hill crowd, and everyone accepts her.

Whilst at the film festival to promote the film she made with Julian, she begins to develop a crush on Chase, who had just broken up with Mia. On the last night, they kiss and then sleep with each other. In the season eight premiere, they have become a couple and Alex flaunts this in front of Mia while Chase teaches her how to bartend. Chase breaks up with her after she lies poker tells joe navarro pdf him about a new movie poker tells joe navarro pdf. Alex and Mia later fight over Chase, before it is revealed that he wants to be by himself now. After "inviting herself" to Brooke's bachelorette party, while they are all partying and drunk, Alex becomes included within the girls' group.

At poker tells joe navarro pdf end of the episode, she says jpe Quinn that even though the gang does not like her, she likes them and enjoys spending time with real friends, even though she is not their friend. Quinn then tells her that she considers Alex a friend. Stephen Colletti portrayed Chase Adams in a recurring role from seasons four till eight, before being upgraded to a regular from the eleventh episode read more season eight. He was another member of the Clean Teens who got close to Brooke after she and Rachel joined the Clean Teens. Brooke, after earning a high grade in a test by cheating, agreed to tutor Chase, who initially had no idea of how Brooke really got the grade and they begin to date. When he found out that Brooke cheated he forgave her and online casino angebote nur schleswig holstein continued to date.

Brooke and Chase attended a party at Nathan's mom's house and everyone found out that Nathan and Brooke filmed a sex tape. He visited Brooke while she was setting up for the prom and told her that his ex-girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend. He told her that it's over between them, but he knows how important the prom is to her so they will still go together. Brooke told him it's over because she did not want to be with someone who does not want to be with her. Chase later bumped into Brooke at school, he had been calling her after he heard game twist casino her being tied up by Psycho Derek. He was no longer wearing his 'Clean Teens' T-shirt and it is revealed that he still has feelings for Brooke, as she navaro for him. After a heartfelt confession, Chase and Brooke decided to get poekr together. In the finale, Brooke and Chase took their relationship to the next level and had sex in the backseat of his car.

Chase said "it was the best 60 seconds" of his life. Chase then asks Mia out on a date, which ends with them having their rambrandt casino kiss in Peyton's studio. He was also the inspiration for Mia's new song for her second album. In the season seven finale Alex ask him out for poker tells joe navarro pdf date and kisses him just before he receive a text message from Mia wanting to get back together. Since they came back from the Utah he is now dating Alex. In the fifth pef of pvf eight season, he breaks up with Alex because she lied to him about a new movie project. Alex and Mia then fight over Chase, before it is revealed that because of their decisions he no longer wants to be with either and is instead choosing to be by himself.

On Brooke and Julian's wedding he has "slutty wedding sex" with Mia. He then realizes he wants to poker tells joe navarro pdf more than just a bar manager at TRIC after having a conversation with Mia the day after the wedding, and becomes a "Big Brother" to Chuck, one of Jamie's friends. In Season 9, Chase becomes friends with Chris Keller. He is also closer to Chuck and when Chuck's violent dad returns, Chase beats him with a crowbar to protect Chuck and is arrested, resulting in him being discharged from the Air Force. In the season finale, Chase is promoted from bar manager to bar owner of TRIC. Chris Keller is portrayed by Tyler Poker tells joe navarro pdf in a recurring role during seasons two, three and four and as a series regular in season nine.

Chris is talented but also very egotistical to the point of referring to himself in the third person. He later shows up for the auditions to perform at TRIC. He returns in the third season when Nathan asks him to help Haley with her song writing. However the two become stranded with no money, leading Chris to sell his guitar to pay the studio. He then leaves Tree Hill on good terms with Nathan. He later appears while the gang are in Honeygrove rescuing Mouth. In season 9, Chris returns, having used an telks to trick Haley into hiring him as a new partner at the recording studio. He annoys Alex by telling her latest song isn't good but convinces her to help him make it better. He still refers to himself in the third person and believes both Haley and Alex are attracted to him despite their denials.

Chris helps Dan save Nathan by causing a distraction and killing one of navrro guards, allowing Julian to go home but Julian stays. Chris runs away after killing the guard leaving Dan and Julian doing everything else. He returns after months on the run, convinced the gang who kidnapped Nathan is after him and jarred to discover no one even noticed he was gone. In the series finale, Nathan gives Chris the guitar he had sold years ago to pay for Haley's record as a thank you for his part in tels rescue mission, with the two on much better terms. Chris performs at Tric's ten-year anniversary where he impresses a record executive named Frankie Parks, but turns down the offer to sign to her label. Haley approaches him and offers him the chance to sign to Red Bedroom Records as their newest artist. Tyler Hilton was awarded the role for playing his song Glad with Mark Schwahn seeing that he was right for the part by the first chorus.

Hilton watched the show's first season to know more about the show having never seen an episode. The following is a list of characters navzrro are, or at one time were, a recurring guest on the series; nwvarro are listed in opker order that they first appeared on the show. Many characters have had storylines that have spanned multiple seasons, while the others are restricted to arcs that occurred during navzrro single season of the show. Poker tells joe navarro pdf the second season, it is made clear that Peyton has romantic feelings for him, and that she has been e-mailing him without response. The two then take a road trip together to collect Jenny from Savannah, Georgia.

The role of Jake Jagielski was written specifically for Bryan Greenberg, having previously worked with series creator Mark Schwahn on The Perfect Score. Plans for the character to return in poker tells joe navarro pdf second season were helped by the audience responding well to the character.

poker tells joe navarro pdf

He has approached Greenberg poker tells joe navarro pdf reprising his role, however noted that Greenberg's busy schedule is likely to prevent any 10 solitr download kostenlos windows appearances. Played by Brett Claywell. Tim was Nathan's best friend until Nathan married Haley. He then clung on to Nathan and had a hard time adjusting to the fact that Nathan had new friends outside of him. His appearances slowly turned to comic-relief such as when he mistook a pair of female police officers for strippers at a party, insisting on them giving him a show even as they handcuffed him and put him in a police car.

He then attended a school for "slower students". In Season five, he is now working a delivery boy for a pizza place, is married to Bevin, and they have a son named Nathan, as learned when he gets locked in the click with Haley, Peyton, Brooke, Mia, and Lindsey. At the end of the episode, it turns out that he knew how to get out all along, but didn't say anything because he enjoyed hanging out with everyone again and says that no one really keeps in touch anymore.

poker tells joe navarro pdf

In the series finale, Bevin reveals that poker tells joe navarro pdf is divorced due to her extreme hatred for Tim, indicating an unhappy and short marriage between the two. Played by Cullen Moss since the pilot, Jonathan Moretti, also known as Junk, is one of the players from the River Court. He once said he had a Canadian girlfriend. Following the four-year gap, he lived with Mouth, Skills, Fergie and, later, Millicent. Played by Vaughn Wilson since the pilot, Ferguson "Fergie" Thompson is another one of the players from the River Court. He attended the Prom by himself. He is usually seen with Skills and Junk. After the four-year gap he lived with Mouth, Skills, Junk and, later, Millicent. Originally intended to be an extra during cheerleading scenes, Prince was later given lines to speak.

Her friendship with Brooke is established in season two when Bevin expresses that she is a great captain. Bevin dates Skills in seasons three and four, but they breakup after the relationship not working out throughout the missing years. She is not very bright, but she reveals in season four that she only acts dumb for people to rely on her in that way. In season five, we see that she is married to Http:// Smith, who is also not smart, and they have a son named Nathan. She now works in a department ;oker. It is revealed that she now works as a social worker and that she is apparently divorced from Poker tells joe navarro pdf, stating jos she "hated her husband".

In the final scene of the series where everyone is at Jamie's high school basketball game, it is revealed that she is back together with Skills. Played pojer Thomas Ian Griffith in season one and Kevin Kilner in season three, Larry Sawyer is the adoptive father of Peyton Sawyer who raised her alone after the death of his wife Poker tells joe navarro pdf.

He is often away because of his work but he and Peyton maintain see more close relationship and talk frequently. He is very over-protective of his daughter and, to an extent, Brooke as well. He first meets Lucas in his house holding a rake and threatening him, poker tells joe navarro pdf Larry comes around and grows fond of Lucas, especially after he saved Peyton's life during the school shooting. Larry also is attracted to Pokef for a time, but see more fades when she meets Andy. Emmanuelle Vaugier played Nicki during the first two seasons.

She first appeared as a girl who had a one-night stand with Final, jackpot slot casino agree. She wanted poker tells joe navarro pdf get involved in her daughter's life but Jake would not let her. She told him that she would get to Jenny with or without him. She tried to use Brooke to find out where he was but was poker tells joe navarro pdf into going to Seattle while he was actually in Savannah. She returned in Season two, saying she had earned custody of Jenny through a trial which Jake did not attend because he was in hiding. When Jake refused to give Jenny to her and turned himself in to the police because there was a warrant out for his navardo, she still managed to locate her and take her away. Jake then chased after her and in Season three, it is revealed that they both poker tells joe navarro pdf in Savannah and will continue to share custody until the next trial.

Played by Bess Armstrong during seasons two and seven. She fully supported Haley's decision to marry during her junior year, opposing the views of Nathan's mother Deb but it was a decision she made because her children's happiness is very important to her. In Season seven, Lydia visits her daughters, Haley, Taylor and Quinn and it is revealed that her husband had died several years prior and that she has Pancreatic Poker tells joe navarro pdf and is dying, but wants to spend her remaining time with daughters rather than fight it. This causes Taylor to leave. She also rents a photography studio for Quinn, encouraging her to chase her dreams. Lydia's condition worsened and she was hospitalized. Quinn talked to Taylor, asking her to visit their mother and Taylor eventually did. Taylor eventually apologized for her behavior and Lydia then told her that out of all of her kids, Taylor reminded her the most of a younger version of herself.

Haley, Nathan, Quinn, Taylor, Jamie and Clay then stayed with Lydia and she eventually died. Haley named her daughter after her in season eight. Played by Michael Copon during pker two, Felix Taggaro poekr Anna's brother and dated Brooke Davis. He was Lucas's new rival because of those two facts and they never saw eye-to-eye. He painted "dyke" on Peyton's locker to protect his bisexual sister from what he believed to only be rumors. Brooke dumped him when she found out about the locker and he was later sent to military school. He also betrayed his own sister after she came out to him. Played by Kieren Hutchison during navwrro two and five, Andy Hargrove was a teacher at Karen's college, who nabarro to be extremely wealthy, as he had quite a successful CEO job after a car accident with a poker tells joe navarro pdf, which worked poker tells joe navarro pdf a wake-up call.

The two began dating but after his mother became ill, he returned to New Zealand. He was a suspect in the attempted murder of Dan. Karen visited him but they broke up because navardo did not want to have more children. They tellls back together sometime during the time-jump and he returns with Karen for Lucas' wedding. Karen and Andy are now married and travelling the world while raising Karen's daughter, Lily. Portrayed by Daniella AlonsoAnna Taggaro appeared in eleven episodes of pdv second season. The character is credited by AfterEllen. The two then go to a pizzeria together. Anna forms a strong relationship with Peyton and kisses her after misreading the signs. She comes out to him and states how hurt she is by his use of the word. When creating characters for the second season, Schwahn had wanted to add a family, which the addition of Anna and Felix allowed him to do. While casting Daniella Alonso, he refrained tels telling her that the rumors regarding Anna's sexuality were true; however, once he informed her of her character's back story, it was like "flipping a switch" for Alonso, as she poker tells joe navarro pdf what to play.

Anna was presented as a romantic interest for Lucas; "[Schwahn] thought if she was strictly a lesbian character, that would be really out of nature for her, and a little disingenuous to lesbians", and they needed just click for source hide what her journey was going to be. Emily Chambers, who pretended to be Jules, was portrayed by Maria Menounos during season two. She is a woman who Dan paid to make Keith fall in love with her and then break his heart, as way to pooer revenge on him for sleeping with Deb. She took the "job" to pay for hospital bills she had from being regularly beaten up je her boyfriend. She actually did fall in love with Keith, but left on their wedding day after Karen blackmailed her. Lindsey McKeon portrays Taylor James during seasons two and seven. Taylor is Haley and Quinn's sister. She comes to Tree Hill in season 2, and stays in Nathan and Haley's navrro. It is revealed urbanization nordicbet casino review interesting Nathan lost his virginity to Taylor.

When Haley is constantly absent because of her music career, Taylor is stirring up trouble with Nathan. Taylor takes him to a bar, jow she dances with other women on the table. Nothing happens though, and Nathan returns to Tree Hill. She returns in season seven, episode thirteen with Quinn's ex-husband David, who she is dating. She, along with Haley and Quinn are visited by their mother, Lydia, who reveals that she has pancreatic cancer and is dying. When Lydia tells the girls that she does hill on william vegas games best want to spend the remainder of her life in a hospital, Taylor gets angry and believes her mother is giving up. Haley later finds her packing and despite her attempts to persuade Taylor to stay, Taylor leaves. When Lydia collapses and ends up in the hospital, Quinn comes to try to convince her to come see their mother, but Taylor angrily refuses in tears, but Quinn leaves a picture of her, Taylor and Haley when they were close as kids and Taylor ends up going to the hospital to see Lydia.

Taylor is told by Lydia that out of all her children she reminds Lydia the most of a younger version of herself. She, Quinn, Haley, Nathan, Jamie and Clay are present when Lydia dies and she along with her sisters, scatter her ashes. Played by Michael Trucco gaming unternehmen münchen seasons two, three and four, Cooper Lee is Nathan Scott's uncle and Deb Lee's brother. He first came to town to cheer-up Nathan after his break-up with Haley. He then came back to protect Deb from Dan and dated Rachel Gatina. He tried to end it when he found out she was seventeen. The two then drove off a bridge but survived. Cooper moved back home. Portrayed by Sheryl Lee in the season two finale and season three. Elizabeth "Ellie" Harp was a cocaine addict when she got pregnant with Peyton and decided to give her up; Peyton was adopted by Anna and Larry Sawyer.

She agreed not to have any contact with her daughter, but she later decided she wanted to see her and finally managed to at the end of season two. Ellie is a writer and pretends to be doing a magazine article on Peyton so they can meet up. When Peyton calls the magazine they tell her there is no-one called Ellie Harp working there, and they know nothing about the article. Ellie shows up on Peyton's door and tells her that she is her mother, and she did not send poker tells joe navarro pdf emails. At first, Peyton did not poker tells joe navarro pdf her or trust her, idea level up games ph website join after Lucas Scott caught her buying drugs. However, it was revealed that she was dealing with a recurrence of breast cancer, and that the pills were actually for medical purposes.

Peyton was about to change her mind after finding out about Ellie's condition but they fought again when Peyton found that she wrote an article about her. She told her to go away, calling her a liar. Haunted by dreams about her "Angel of Death" persona, Peyton found Psf again and they bonded. They decided to make a CD to promote Haley's new song and raise funds to fight breast cancer. They finally managed to finish the CD but Ellie died the day the records were ready. Peyton spread her ashes on a place where Ellie had been to a music festival, the best thing she remembered aside from her time with Peyton. Years after Ellie's death, Peyton meets her biological father who poker tells joe navarro pdf named Mick Wolf.

Kelsey Chow portrayed Gigi Silveri in seasons three, four and six. Poier season three Gigi joined Mouth as an announcer on ravenshoop. In season six, Gigi returned as Mouth's intern, causing trouble in his relationship with Millicent. Ian Banks Psycho Derekportrayed by Matt Barr twlls season four, was Peyton's online stalker, and had an obsession with her. Ian pretended to be Peyton's brother Derek in order to get close to her, but when she found out the truth about him he attempted to rape her and was stopped by Lucas and the real Derek. After that, Peyton believed Ian to be in prison but on prom night she and Brooke Davis were held hostage by him and attacked. The two managed to fight him off and he is put in the hospital, and then finally sent to prison. Played by Ernest Waddell during seasons four and six. Derek Sommers is the biological half-brother of Peyton.

Lucas is startled to discover that Peyton's brother was black, but ultimately this was not much of a discussion point. He rescues Peyton and Lucas from Psycho Derek. While Psycho Derek escaped from Peyton's house, Peyton did not feel safe anymore and closed herself up in the house. Derek returns and teaches navwrro kickboxing to help her deal with her anger. The lessons were successful, when Psycho Derek returned Peyton uses the poker tells joe navarro pdf to beat Psycho Derek. This may have attributed poker tells joe navarro pdf getting Psycho Derek in jail. Peyton goes with Derek to the Raven's basketball banquet, where he meets her friends.

The same night, Derek had orders to ship out to Iraq. Peyton meets up with him several times after that. When he comes back from Iraq he is honored with a medal and Peyton attends the function.

He tells her how their dad, Mick, never did the USO concert he promised to do. Peyton organizes a USO concert for him and his fellow servicemen as a thank you gift, and to show that she is his family and she will always be there for him. Played by Amber Wallace in seasons three till four, is a former Tree Hill High student and a confidant of Lucas Scott who he befriended in his senior year after he was paired with her during a class assignment designed to help students know each other beyond simple high school labels. She is the first to read Lucas' final draft of his first novel, An Unkindness of Ravens. She is the former CEO of Clothes Over Bros. She moved from LA because her husband moved around a lot. Brooke felt that they were hiding the fact that it was jackpots sh trial separation.

She came up with many ideas to take Clothes over Bros. She misinterpreted Lucas showing Brooke an engagement ring, as the two getting engaged and told Brooke that she would have annulment papers drawn up fast. Brooke told Victoria that she was ready to take the company to the next level and Victoria replied that they were going to have everything that they poker tells joe navarro pdf wanted. She told Brooke that she would like her to call her Victoria, because 'Mom' makes her sound too old. Later on she tried to control Brooke's decision over COB's future as the CEO of the brand the opening of the Tree Hill boutique and Peyton's label but ended up alienating poker tells joe navarro pdf daughter by repeatedly rejecting her. Brooke fired her mother after she went behind her back to scare Rachel off. She threatened to go to the board to have Brooke removed or there start a legal battle over the company.

Brooke countered by telling her that the new line is going to ensure that Victoria will be fired and Brooke will own the company in full. Victoria later arrived at Clothes Over Bros to scare the sketches for the new line out of Millicent who refused calling her "an evil bitch" to which Victoria replied, "You're going to pay for that". Later that night as Brooke was locking up the store a masked assailant attacked her, brutally injuring her and stealing the computer, money out of the register and the sketches for Brooke's new line. It is speculated that Victoria hired the assailant as a way to steal the sketches with the cover of a robbery so Brooke would be unable to go to the police. She was shocked to see that Brooke carries a gun with her and explained that she never wanted a child, that she wanted everything Brooke has and that when she could not have it, she decided to end her husband's dream of having a son.

Brooke was disgusted with her mother and gave the company over to Victoria who subsequently fired Millicent and closed the Tree Hill Clothes Over Bros store. Victoria returns to Tree Hill after "Clothes over Bros" is failing without Brooke's' help. At the end of season 6, she and Brooke reconcile when Victoria admits she should have loved her more than she loved the company. She returns in the seventh season and onsantly picks up on the slight romantic feelings between Julian and Alex Dupre and warns her daughter to be this web page. She and Brooke eventually clash once more over the future of the company.

Victoria is the one who also learns of Millicent's drug addiction and one night when she and Alex leave TRIC, she calls the cops and reports Millie as a drunk driver and she is arrested. She then hires a new designer for the companies new men's line "Clothes 4 Bros" named Alexander Coyne. Victoria also speaks to Julian and tells him to fight for Brooke as their relationship begins to dissolve. She and her daughter then have another heart to heart where Victoria admits that she is getting "soft. At the beginning of season eight, it is discovered Victoria and Millicent have been defrauding Clothes Over Bros.

Victoria pleads guilty poker tells joe navarro pdf save her daughter and Millicent and is sent to federal prison. She is released near Thanksgiving and is invited to dinner at the Scott house by Sylvia Baker. Michaela McManus played the role Lindsey Evelyn Strauss during seasons five and six. When she started to edit his book, they fell in love with each other. She came to Tree Hill when Lucas had writer's block. She felt threatened when Brooke and Peyton returned to Tree Hill, knowing Lucas' history with the two girls. She eventually tried to be friendly to the two girls but Peyton did not trust her. Later, when Peyton apologized, she agreed poker tells joe navarro pdf go with Lucas to the opening of Brooke's store. But when she found out poker tells joe navarro pdf Peyton still had feelings for Lucas, she asked him to stop seeing After Lucas kissed Peyton, he proposed to Lindsey, and source said yes.

She asked Haley, whom she had befriended, to be her maid of honor and asked Brooke to make her dress. When she got stuck in the Tree Hill Library with Haley, Brooke, Peyton and Mia, she told them father died from cancer and she had to take him off the ventilator because her mother was too destroyed to do it.

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