Trump casino las vegas implosion


trump casino las vegas implosion

Mar 14,  · In he stepped to quite deliberately eviscerate the perfectly viable Didi, fresh from a $68 billion valuation. Macau, a great deal more valuable than Las Vegas in terms of revenue and a taxation goldmine, saw $18 billion wiped from casino stocks as the government vowed harsh new regulations and licensing laws. Dec 06,  · Ballroom A at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas is packed with college Republicans. There is a surfeit of red ties, vested suits, and pocket squares. There is a surfeit of red ties. Mar 01,  · This group controls members of Congress through running gambling money through Las Vegas and Macau, running prostitution and [rent boys] Why is the “Reawaken America Tour” constantly celebrating pro-jab Trump while hosting many anti-vaccine doctors and scientists? “Implosion of Inside Money and an explosion of Outside Money”.

Trump Tower The Trump Building 40 Wall Street Trump Parc and Trump Parc East Trump casino las vegas implosion Park Avenue Trump World Tower. Army captain, the owner of an aluminum-roofing company, and member of the Miami chapter of the Proud Boys, a far-right group with a penchant for street brawls. That would not last. Four justices—Alito, Neil Trump casino las vegas implosion, Brett Kavanaugh, and Clarence Thomas—have already signaled implosuon for a doctrine trump casino las vegas implosion disallows any such deviation from the election rules passed by lsa state legislature.

The Justice Department has filed suit to overturn some provisions of vegaz new Georgia law —but not to challenge the hostile takeover of election authorities. Hounded off the Board of State Canvassers. Latest Health Headlines. Harrah's Total Rewards program was phased into Planet Hollywood which was completed in April Genius Bar technician Derrick Bowles explains why he and his coworkers are making trump casino las vegas implosion move. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. What to do about all this trump casino las vegas implosion Taken to its logical conclusion, it could provide a legal basis for any state legislature to throw out an election result it dislikes and appoint its casino besetzung electors instead.

Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. For many American families, a living wage is out caasino reach: Report "Expect the same if we do nothing," one expert said. Ten minutes later, atTrump egged on the hunt. Wikimedia Commons. Impllosion Inc. Nevada Gaming Control Board. Views Read Edit View history. They are making a grievous mistake. Thousands of votes will be thrown away, or casini, to produce the required effect. September 9, trump casino las vegas implosion

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JACKPOTCITY ONLINE CASINO LOGIN Trump has already endorsed three of them, in the battleground states of Arizona, Georgia, and Michigan.

Popular Latest. Representative Paul Gosar of Arizona, a featured speaker, has another topic in mind. August 18, ; 21 years ago as Aladdin.

trump casino las vegas implosion

Required by law. He moves on. Latest U.

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Poker hud stats explained The swimming pool in this resort can umplosion accessed through the sixth floor. But one of those remedies would be the nuclear option: throwing out the vote altogether and allowing the state legislature to appoint electors of its choosing.

In an Link interview, Garcia described the Proud Boys as a drinking club with a passion for free speech. Living wage out of reach for many families: Report. They are making a grievous mistake. If Congress stayed out of session, there was a trump casino las vegas implosion that Justice Alito might come through.

Apr 21,  · Trump heads to Ohio ahead trump casino las vegas implosion crucial primary election. Colleges, universities bring back mask mandates. Nearly a dozen uncontained wildfires grow. Mass shooting in Washington. Mar 14,  · In he stepped to quite deliberately eviscerate the perfectly viable Didi, fresh from a $68 billion valuation.

Macau, a great deal more valuable than Las Vegas in terms of revenue and a taxation goldmine, saw $18 trump casino las vegas implosion wiped from casino stocks as the government vowed harsh new regulations and licensing laws. Get the latest health news, diet & fitness information, medical research, health care trends and health issues that affect you read more your family on

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He did not get one.

The company was shaken by the deaths of three key executives in an October 10, helicopter crash in northern New Jersey while they were returning from a New York press conference promoting an upcoming Atlantic City boxing event. What do we know click here the new omicron mutant? The insurgents could see their majority status slipping before their eyes. Pape and his colleagues doubted that this captured what had happened on January 6.

Beijing districts placed under lockdown as cases mount China's capital Beijing has begun mass testing and locking down.

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On February 18,the Nevada Gaming Commission gave Harrah's the approval to take over the property. Other things being equal, insurgents were much more likely to come from a county where the white share of the population was in decline. One of them was a middle-aged man who gave his name as Phil. Casino resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. WHO: 1 child has died in mystery liver disease outbreak The World Health Organization says at least one death has been reported in connection with a mysterious liver disease outbreak affecting children in Europe and the United States.

Rioters fists and feet and a helmet into trump casino las vegas implosion reinforced glass of the barricaded doorway, eventually creating a hole big enough for Babbitt.

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Household income made no difference at trump casino las vegas implosion. The Resident Evil: Extinction world premiere took place at Planet Hollywood on September 25, Las Vegas area hotels. Local Las Vegas Blog. No sooner thanks tipico games erfahrungen so? his entourage closed the door, which is made of opaque white glass, than the leading edge of the mob reached a marble landing feet away. The one in the North Strip section features VIP cabanas for renting.

trump casino las vegas implosion

Hilton Grand Vacations operates the timeshare portion of the property, known as Elara. 14-year-old boy in custody for 10-year-old's trump casino las vegas implosion src=' casino las vegas implosion-topic' alt='trump casino vwgas vegas implosion' title='trump casino las vegas implosion' style="width:2000px;height:400px;" /> The Big Story: Join Barton Trump casino las vegas implosion, along with staff writer Anne Applebaum and Atlantic editor in chief Jeffrey Goldberg, for a live virtual conversation about the threats to American democracy on December As we trump casino las vegas implosion the anniversary of January 6, investigators are still unearthing the roots of the insurrection that sacked the Capitol and sent members of Congress fleeing for their lives.

What we know already, and could not have known then, is that the chaos wrought on that day was integral to a coherent plan. In retrospect, the insurrection takes on the aspect of rehearsal. Even in defeat, Trump has gained strength for a second attempt to seize office, should he need to, after the polls close on November 5, It may appear otherwise—after all, he no longer commands the executive branch, which he tried and mostly failed to enlist in his first coup attempt. Yet the balance of power is shifting his way in arenas that matter veags. Trump is successfully shaping the narrative of the insurrection in the only political ecosystem that matters to him.

The immediate shock of the event, which briefly led some implosikn Republicans to break with him, has given way to a near-unanimous embrace. Today the few GOP dissenters are being cast out. From the November issue: Barton Gellman on the election that could break America. Trump has reconquered his party by setting its base on fire. Tens of millions of Americans perceive their world through black clouds of his smoke. His deepest source of strength is the bitter grievance of Republican voters that they lost the White House, and are losing click at this page country, to alien forces with no legitimate claim to power.

This is not some transient or loosely committed trup. Trump has built the first American mass political movement in the past century that is ready to fight by any means necessary, including bloodshed, for its cause. Listen to an interview with William J. Walker, sergeant-at-arms of the U. House of Representatives, on The Experiment. Listen trum subscribe: Apple Podcasts Implosiob Stitcher Google Podcasts. At the edge of the Capitol grounds, implosionn west of the reflecting pool, a striking figure stands in spit-shined shoes and a button uniform coat. He is 6 foot 4, 61 years old, with chiseled good looks and an aura of command that is undimmed by retirement. Once, according to the silver bars on his collar, he held the rank of captain in the New York Fire Department.

He is not supposed to wear the old uniform at political events, but he pays that rule no mind today. The uniform tells the world that he is a man of substance, a man who has saved lives and held authority. Richard C. Patterson needs every shred of that authority for this occasion. He has come to speak on behalf of an urgent cause. Patterson is talking about the men and women held on criminal charges after invading the Capitol on January 6. He does not at all approve of the word insurrection. Patterson is misinformed on that latter point. Of the more imp,osion defendants, 78 are in custody when we speak. Most of those trump casino las vegas implosion trial in jail are charged with serious crimes such recommend spiele sorry assault on a police officer, violence with a deadly weapon, conspiracy, or unlawful possession of firearms or explosives.

McKellop has pleaded not guilty. Patterson was not in Washington on January 6, but he is fluent in the revisionist narratives spread by fabulists and trolls on social media. He knows those stories verse by verse, the ones about January 6 and the ones about the election rigged against Trump. With a sufficient dose of truth serum, most Republican politicians would likely confess that Biden won inbut the great mass of lumpen Trumpers, who believe the Big Lie with unshakable force, oblige them to pretend otherwise. Like so many others, Patterson is doing his best to parse a torrential flow of political information, and he is failing. His failures leave him, nearly always, with the worldview expounded by Trump. We fall into a long conversation in the sweltering heat, then continue it for weeks by phone and email.

I want to plumb the depths of his beliefs, and understand what lies behind his commitment to them. The unarmed crowd did not overpower the officers in body armor. They were allowed in. Surely he has seen other video, though. Shaky, handheld footage, taken by the rioters themselves, of police officers falling under blows from a baseball bat, a hockey stick, a fire extinguisher, a length of pipe.

trump casino las vegas implosion

Does Patterson know that January 6 was learn more here the worst days for law-enforcement casualties since September 11, ? That at least officers from the Capitol Police and the Metropolitan Police Department suffered injuriesincluding broken bones, concussions, chemical burns, and a Taser-induced heart attack? Patterson has not heard these things. Abruptly, he shifts gears. Maybe there was violence, but the patriots were not to blame. Doing the bidding of whom? I have no idea. You got to find him on Rumble. They took him off YouTube. Sure enough, there on Rumble and still on YouTube I find a video of Lieutenant General Thomas G.

McInerney, 84, three decades gone from the Air Force. McInerney had just come from the White House, he says in his monologue, recorded two days after the Capitol riot. Trump was about to release the Pelosi evidence. McInerney had seen trump casino las vegas implosion laptop with his own eyes. It shook me that Patterson took this video for proof. If my house had caught fire 10 years before, my life might have depended on his discernment and clarity of thought. He was an Eagle Scout. He earned a college degree. He keeps current on the news. And yet he has wandered off from the empirical world, placing his faith in fantastic tales what casino guru-de consider lack any basis in fact or explicable logic.

I reached the general by phone and asked about evidence for his claims. For most of his story, McInerney did not even claim to have proof. He was putting two and two together. It stood to reason. She was a home health aide, not a special operator. As of this writing, she has not yet entered a plea. McInerney Jr. He was torn between conflicting obligations of filial loyalty, and took a while to figure out what he wanted to say. I tell all of trump casino las vegas implosion and more to Patterson. For a while during the Obama years he was a prominent birther and appeared a lot on Fox News, before being fired as a Fox commentator in for making a baseless claim about John McCain. Last November, he told the WVW Broadcast Network that the CIA operated a computer-server farm in Germany that had helped rig the presidential vote for Biden, and that five Special Forces soldiers had just died trying to seize the The Army and U.

Special Operations Command put out dutiful statements that no such mission and no such casualties had taken place. There are seldom words or time enough to lay a conspiracy theory to rest. Each rebuttal is met with a fresh round of delusions. Patterson is admirably eager for a civil exchange of views. But a deep rage seems to fuel his convictions. This motherfucker was stolen. The world knows this bumbling, senile, career corrupt fuck squatting in our White House did not get 81 million votes. He had many proofs. All he trump casino las vegas implosion needed, though, was arithmetic. Where do these 14 million votes come from? Patterson did not recall where he had heard those figures. He did not think he had read Gateway Pundit, which was the first site to advance the garbled statistics. Reuters did a good job debunking the phony mathwhich got the total number of voters wrong.

I was interested in something else: the worldview that guided Patterson through the statistics. It appeared to him incorrectly that not enough votes had been cast to account for the official results. Biden was the one accused of rigging the vote. Everybody said so. And for reasons unspoken, Patterson wanted to be carried away by that story. Robert A. Pape, a well-credentialed connoisseur of political violence, watched the mob attack the Capitol on a television at home on January 6. Back in JunePape had been a postdoctoral fellow in political science when the late president of Serbia delivered a notorious speech.

By the time Trump unleashed the angry crowd on Congress, Pape, who is 61, had become a leading scholar on the intersection of warfare and politics. Pape, who trump casino las vegas implosion the University of Chicago Project on Security and Threats, fsk 18 online verkaufen CPOST, called a staff meeting two days after the Capitol attack. But this is what the modern term would be. But the theory is the latest incarnation of a racist trope that dates back to Reconstruction in the United States. Replacement ideology holds that a hidden hand often imagined as Jewish is encouraging the invasion of nonwhite immigrants, and the rise of nonwhite citizens, to take power from white Christian people of European stock.

Trump borrowed periodically from the rhetorical canon of replacement. His remarks on January 6 were more disciplined than usual for a president who typically spoke in tangents and unfinished thoughts. Pape shared with me an analysis he had made of the text that Trump read from his prompter. We fight like hell. The fate of the nation is being determined now. Only genuine brave patriots can save the country. Watching how the Great Replacement message was resonating with Trump supporters, Pape and his colleagues suspected that the bloodshed on January 6 might augur something more than an aberrant moment in American politics.

The prevailing framework for analyzing extremist violence in the U. Pape and his colleagues doubted that this captured what had happened on January 6. They set about seeking systematic answers to two basic questions: Who were the insurgents, in demographic terms? And what political beliefs animated them and their sympathizers? The CPOST researchers gathered court documents, public records, and news reports to compile a group profile of the insurgents. He had been studying trump casino las vegas implosion political extremists in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East for decades.

trump casino las vegas implosion

Consistently, around the world, they tended to be in their 20s and early 30s. Among the January 6 insurgents, the median age was That was wildly atypical. Then there were economic anomalies. Over the previous decade, one in four violent extremists arrested by the FBI had been unemployed. But only 7 percent of the January 6 insurgents were jobless, and more than half of the group had a white-collar job go here owned their own business. There trump casino las vegas implosion doctors, architects, a Google field-operations specialist, the CEO of a marketing firm, a State Department official.

Yet these insurgents were not, by and large, affiliated with known extremist groups. Several dozen did have connections with the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers, or the Three Percenters militia, but a larger number—six slotilda bonus ohne einzahlung of every seven who were charged with crimes—had no ties like that at all. Kathleen Belew, a University of Chicago historian and co-editor of A Field Guide to White Supremacysays it is no surprise that extremist groups were in the minority.

The findings were counterintuitive. Counties won by Trump in the election were less likely than counties won by Biden to send an insurrectionist to the Capitol. Why would that be? Likewise, the more rural the county, the fewer the insurgents. The researchers tried a hypothesis: Insurgents might be more likely to come from counties where white household income was dropping. Not so. Household income made no difference at all. Only one meaningful correlation emerged. Other things being equal, insurgents were much more likely to come from a county where the white share of the population was in decline. This was a strong link, and it held up in every state. Trump and some of his most vocal allies, Tucker Carlson of Fox News notably among them, had taught supporters to fear that Black and brown people were coming to replace them.

According to the latest census projections, white Americans will become a minority, nationally, in The insurgents could see their majority status slipping before their eyes. In June, the researchers sharpened the questions. This brought another surprise. Pollsters ordinarily expect survey respondents to give trump casino las vegas implosion support to more transgressive language. Here, the trump casino las vegas implosion happened: the more extreme the sentiments, the greater the number of respondents who endorsed them. In the June results, just over 8 percent agreed that Biden was illegitimate and that violence was justified to trump casino las vegas implosion Trump to the White House.

trump casino las vegas implosion

That corresponds to 21 million American adults. Why such a large increase? Either interpretation is troubling. In the CPOST polls, only one other statement won overwhelming support among the 21 million committed insurrectionists. The committed insurrectionists, Pape judged, were genuinely dangerous. There were not many militia members among them, but more than one in four said the country needed groups like the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys. One-third of them owned guns, and 15 percent had served in the military. All had easy access to the organizing power of the trump casino las vegas implosion. What Pape was seeing in these results did not fit the government model of lone wolves and small groups of extremists. Pape drew an analogy to Northern Ireland in the late s, at the dawn of the Troubles. And 13 percent support was more than enough, in those early years, to sustain it. Where Patterson lives, in the Bronx, there were 20, fewer non-Hispanic white people in the census than in The borough had reconfigured from 11 percent white to 9 percent.

Patterson came from Northern Irish stock and grew up in coastal Northern California. As soon as he finished high school he took the test to join the Oakland fire department, earning, he said, outstanding scores. So no job for the big white kid. Patterson tried again in San Francisco, but found the department operating under a consent decree. Women and people of color, long excluded, had to be accepted in the incoming cohort. We want the department to look different because diversity is all about an optic. But desegregation had come to New York, too, and Patterson found himself seething. Ina plaintiff named Brenda Berkman had won a lawsuit that opened the door to women in the FDNY. Later, as a online casino aktier, Patterson came across a line on a routine form that asked for his gender and ethnicity. He resented that. Even while Patterson rose through the ranks, he kept on finding examples of how the world was stacked against people like him.

The straight white guy won, but it was stolen from him visit web page given to somebody else. It is, quote, a woman of color, like this is some—like this is supposed to mean something. What to do about all this injustice? Constitutionally, all the power rests with the people. And Mao is right that all the power emanates from the barrel of a gun. Did he own a gun himself? One of them was a middle-aged man who gave his name as Phil. The former Coast Guard rescue diver from Kentucky had joined the crowd at the Capitol on January 6 but said he has not heard from law enforcement. I truly believe it. I believe the criminals—Nancy Pelosi and her criminal cabal up there—is forcing a civil war.

Gregory Dooner, who was selling flags at the protest, said he had been just outside the Capitol on January 6 as well. If taken seriously today, the slogan calls for a war of liberation against the U. I looked it up. George Washington did not write anything like that. Biden had won. Trump was breaking every norm by refusing to concede, trump casino las vegas implosion his made-up claims of fraud were getting him nowhere. The Ticket trump casino las vegas implosion Barton Gellman on how Trump could tamper with the vote. One year later, Douthat looked back. My own article, Douthat wrote, had anticipated what Trump tried to do.

Douthat also looked click here, with guarded optimism, to the coming presidential election. That, I submit respectfully, is a profound misunderstanding of what mattered in the coup attempt a year ago. It is also a dangerous underestimate of the threat in —which is larger, not smaller, than it was in It is true that Trump tried and failed to wield his authority as commander in chief and chief law-enforcement officer on behalf of the Big Lie. But Trump did not need the instruments of office to sabotage the electoral machinery.

trump casino las vegas implosion

It was citizen Trump—as litigant, as candidate, as dominant party leader, as gifted demagogue, and as commander of a vast propaganda army—who launched the trump casino las vegas implosion and brought the peaceful transfer of power to the brink of failure. Vegxs understand the threat today, you have to see with clear eyes what happened, what is still happening, continue reading the election. They distracted from the main event: a systematic effort to nullify the election results and then reverse them. But he played it strategically throughout.

Grand jury investigating Trump will come to an end

The more we learn about January 6, the clearer the conclusion becomes that it was the last gambit in a soundly conceived campaign—one that learn more here a blueprint for The strategic objective of here every move by the Trump team trump casino las vegas implosion the networks called the election for Joe Biden on November 7 was to induce Republican legislatures in states that Biden won to seize control of the results and appoint Trump electors instead. Every other objective—in courtrooms, on state election panels, in the Justice Department, and in the office of the vice president—was instrumental to that end. Electors are the currency in a presidential contest and, under the Constitution, state legislators control the rules for choosing them.

Every path to stealing the election required GOP legislatures in at least three states to repudiate the election results casino simba substitute presidential electors for Trump. Congress would have had to accept the substitute electors when it counted the votes, and the Supreme Court might have had a say. But without the state legislatures, Trump had no way to overturn the verdict of the voters. For all his improvisation and flailing in the postelection period, Trump never lost sight of that goal. He and his team focused on obtaining the read article sum from among the 79 electoral votes in Arizona 11Georgia 16Michigan 16Nevada 6Pennsylvania 20and Wisconsin Trump had many tactical setbacks.

He and his advocates lost 64 of 65 challenges to election trump casino las vegas implosion in court, and many of them were indeed comically inept. His intimidation of state officials, though it also failed in the end, was less comical. Read: How close did the U. Had Trump succeeded in any of these efforts, he would have given Republican state legislators a credible excuse to meddle; one success might have led to a cascade. Trump used judges, county boards, state officials, and even his own Justice Department as stepping-stones to his ultimate target: Republican legislators in swing states.

No one else could give him what he wanted.

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Even as these efforts foundered, the Trump team achieved something crucial and enduring by convincing tens of millions of angry supporters, including a catastrophic 68 percent of all Republicans in a November PRRI pollthat the election had been stolen from Trump. Nothing close to this loss of faith in democracy has spielen anleitung bingo here before. Even so, three strategic points of failure left Trump in dire straits in trump casino las vegas implosion days before January 6. First, although Trump won broad rhetorical support from state legislators for his fictitious claims of voter fraud, they were reluctant to take the radical, concrete step of nullifying the votes of their own citizens.

Despite enormous pressure, none of the six contested states put forward an alternate slate of electors for Trump. The second strategic point of failure for Trump trump casino las vegas implosion Congress, which had the normally ceremonial role of counting the electoral votes. Hong Kong authorities are asking the entire population of more than 7. LOG IN. We'll notify you here with news about. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? Experts rethink preventive aspirin. Living wage out of reach for many families: Report.

Majority of US has had COVID WHO, UNICEF warn of possible measles outbreaks. Shanghai seeks 'societal zero COVID' with testing. Quarantine lottery breached rights, NZ court rules. No one should still be dying of COVID Experts. Most Americans want masks for travelers: Poll. Beijing enforces mass COVID testing. March 29, Latest Health Video. Latest Health Headlines. Health orgs warn of 'perfect storm' for measles outbreaks Brewing humanitarian crises have inflamed the issue, the organizations say. Vice President Kamala Harris tests positive for COVID ABC News contributor Dr. John Brownstein talks more about Vice President Kamala Harris testing positive for COVID and the antiviral drug Paxlovid. Court says UK's nursing home COVID policy was illegal A British court has ruled that the Conservative government acted illegally when it discharged hospital patients into nursing homes without testing them for COVID or isolating them.

Oklahoma governor signs ban on nonbinary birth certificates Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt has signed a bill prohibiting the use of nonbinary gender markers on state birth certificates. Health experts argue no one should still be dying of COVID The White House is taking action to increase access to antiviral treatments. Quarantine lottery breached rights, New Zealand trump casino las vegas implosion rules During the height of pandemic restrictions, thousands of New Zealanders desperate to return home essentially had to roll the dice month after month as they tried to secure a coveted bed in a quarantine hotel run by the military.

Living wage out of reach for many families: Report

For many American families, a living wage is out of reach: Report "Expect the same trump casino las vegas implosion we do nothing," one expert said. Beijing enforces mass COVID testing, closes neighborhoods Police and new fencing are restricting who can leave a locked-down area in Beijing, where eurojackpot sachsen anhalt are trying to prevent a major COVID outbreak. Aspirin no longer recommended to prevent 1st heart attack With new evidence of the possible harm of daily aspirin, health experts are shifting their recommendations. Everything we know about Kamala Harris testing positive for COVID Vice President Kamala Harris on Tuesday received a positive COVID diagnosis — just as cases and hospitalizations again ramp up link the country.

ABC News Live: Vice President Kamala Harris tests positive for COVID Plus, the latest on the war in Ukraine and an effort to unionize an Apple Store in Atlanta. EXPLAINER: COVID pills must be taken within 5 days COVID patients have two treatment options that can be taken at home. Life expectancy dropped in Chicago during pandemic, especially for people of color Life expectancy in the Windy City dropped by nearly two years from to What do we know about the new omicron mutant? Officials: Nearly cases of mystery liver disease A puzzling outbreak of sudden liver disease in nearly children has health authorities in several countries racing to find answers.

Life expectancy in Chicago declined during 1st year of COVID pandemic Life expectancy for Trump casino las vegas implosion Chicago residents fell below 70 years in

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